“Alexa And Katie”

The original Netflix series


The original Netflix series “Alexa and Katie” sends a message to viewers that one should never give up their dreams, no matter the obstacle.

Jenifer Morales, Staff Writer

Cancer is one of the biggest challenges that a person can ever encounter. It’s also a challenge a lot of people are familiar with, with over 12.7 million of Americans diagnosed with cancer each year according to the American Institute for Cancer Research and World Cancer Research Fund. An original Netflix series called “Alexa & Katie” looks at what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer. Released March 23,“Alexa & Katie” focuses on 14-year-old Alexa who not only must deal with the challenges of starting high school but cancer as well. The show was based on true life events, and the series provides an example of how family and friends will always be there to support one another.  It also provides really good insight as to how cancer patients may truly feel. This series was really enjoyable and interesting, especially because of the ridiculous activities Alexa and Katie do, which many teenagers can relate to.

The Netflix show is based on Alexa Mendoza (Paris Berelc) going through high school and a cancer diagnosis. Her best friend Katie Cooper (Isabel May) is always by her side to cheer her up. However, that’s not the only person by her side because there’s also Lori (Tiffani Thiessen), Alexa’s crazy overprotective mother who always tries to help Alexa with her condition, her dad Dave (Eddie Shin), her brother Lucas (Emery Kelly),  as well as Katie’s mom Jennifer (Jolie Jenkins), and little brother Jack (Finn Carr).

A huge message of the show is to ask for help when needed. Many individuals may believe that keeping their emotions to themselves will be fine, but eventually those feelings will lead to a personal break down. For example, when Alexa starts realizing that her hair is beginning to fall out, she goes on for hours without telling Katie the unfortunate news. Alexa believed that the only way for Katie to not feel sorry for her was to not let her know. However, when Katie found out, she supported Alexa by shaving off her hair, so the two could be bald together. This scene demonstrates a powerful message of how loyalty can make a friendship grow stronger while going through any difficult conflict. With that said, the Netflix program may have the ability to show viewers that growing up with a challenge has the opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Additionally, the performances of the characters were outstanding and will make viewers want to watch more.  Many shows do not usually have voiceovers from narrators, but Alexa lets viewers in on her thoughts and feelings about her personal challenges in every episode of “Alexa and Katie.” The series does a magnificent job showing people who have cancer or personal problems should not let their issues stop them from accomplishing a personal goal.

Overall the series of “Alexa and Kate” is recommended to young viewers to show how powerful having support from family and friends truly is.