DiCaprio speaks on behalf of our planet

As Earth Day approaches, The Blaize takes a look at how celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio uses his entertainment platform to advocate for the good of our home, planet earth.

Actor and environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first Oscar after playing a frontiersman in

Actor and environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first Oscar after playing a frontiersman in “The Revenant”.

Gretchen Baez

Imagine V8 sedans slurping leaded gas, industries bleaching out smoke without fear or worries of legal consequences, an air pollution being accepted as a smell of prosperity. But we don’t have to imagine any of these awful scenarios because all of these concerns are the sad reality humanity is living in today. The word “environment” has even diminished from the news and fewer people are aware of what this earth has come to. Dwindling environmental concerns has caused many people to take action, which then marks the start of an environmental movement in America. One of those people is Leonardo DiCarpio.

Oscar-winning actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio always wanted people to pay more attention to the condition of our planet and the climate change crisis that some people refuse to acknowledge. Behind the scenes of his numerous films, he has become a hero speaking on behalf of this planet’s environment. He started a foundation in 1998 that is dedicated to helping the long-term health of our home, planet Earth, and the well being of all of its inhabitants. With the mission of protecting this planet, he was able to collaborate with many other organizations. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has six areas of focus: wildlife and landscapes, marine life and oceans, climate change, innovative solutions, California program, and indigenous rights.

The LDF has a very well organized website where more information can be found about each program and area of focus. For example, the climate change program explains how throughout the years our Earth has been experiencing the warmest years since 2016. This threatens the natural systems of our environment. This area of the LDF has a strong focus on making a global transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. “Climate change is real, it is happening right now,” DiCaprio emphasized at his 2016 Academy Award acceptance speech, according to CNN. His concern about climate change even drove him to produce a documentary on the subject, titled “Before the Flood.” He traveled to almost every corner of the world while making this documentary that was released later in 2016.

In the documentary, director Steven Fisher, and DiCaprio draw attention to the importance of the elections, which is why they decided to release the film before last year’s presidential elections. “We’re hoping the younger generation are smarter than we are, and they’re going to start getting interested and involved in this issue because it’s going to affect them the most,” Fisher told CNN.

As Earth Day approaches, there are many things that we can do to help the environment, even if it’s not as big as DiCaprio’s foundation. Whether it be picking up a single piece of trash found on the sidewalk, recycling water bottles, or voting for politicians who will make decisions on laws with our environment’s best interest at heart, it is possible to brighten our planet’s future one small step at a time. You can also check out LeonardoDiCapriofoundation.org and join the movement by donating to one or a few of the many areas of focus.