Fake Cosmetics

No one should suffer from the fake products



No one should have to run the risk of getting harmed by beauty products.

Jenifer Morales

Fake beauty or hair products are killing the industry nowadays because many products from all over the nation are being copied. With that idea, these products can cause swollen lips or infected eyes because of the formula of the merchandise isn’t the exact same as the original creation. According to various exposes, the counterfeit formulas contain dangerous chemicals like rat poisoning or even lead, which can lead to problems like skin irritation and chemical burns to long-term health problems like high blood pressure.

In the last few months, fake products are being purchased online or in city alleys or even malls, but where are these products being produced ? They usually come from China. According to the article, “We Went Inside Beauty’s Black Market and It’s Worse Than You Think” by journalist Lexy Lebsack, 2.5% of the beauty products coming out of China were fake in 2015. That number grew to 12% in 2016. Many makeup artists go out to try these fake products, and some of the results are terrible. The same article  mentions Jordan Byers, a beauty vlogger, who recently received a chemical burn on her lips from using the Anastasia Beverly Hills fake liquid lipsticks.

Even Wal-mart was called out by popular brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics for selling fake merchandise on its website. Owner Jeffree Star announced on a video that “they are allowing third-party companies to submit fake cosmetics to their website…which is so illegal.” Star goes on to say in his video that “a lot of these fake makeup products come from dangerous and unsafe places.”

However, it’s hard to prove that some of these products are fake.  It takes solid evidence to prove that these products are being sold on the black market. A person interested in this case will come across many conflicts like contacting a lawyer, a scientist to test the chemicals in the products, and then finally a court case. In her article “We Went Inside Beauty’s Black Market and It’s Worse Than You Think,” Lebsack interviewed a seller of these fake creations, who doesn’t believe that fake makeup is any different from the original: “I think everything is just a lie, I think that everything comes from the same warehouse… it’s just the same stuff, that’s what I think,” said Mary, who went by her first name only. 

Because of all the difficulties, counterfeit makeup is still making it onto international online shopping sites like Amazon, Wish, eBay, Ipsy and much more. Sellers also sell through online chats or in person, but those are risky routes and can result in jail time if they are caught.

Cosmetologist, Bertha Meneses, who works at Artistic Wave Hair Salon in Round Lake Beach believes that “There are many people that are not informed about hair product or cosmetics. It’s incredible how many people do so much damage to themselves from just purchasing one product.” She believes that people can defend themselves against counterfeit beauty products by  making sure to ask professionals questions. When people ask Meneses questions, she always feels very helpful and loves that she has guarded people against damage to their skin.

It’s also good to buy products in real life or on official websites only. And remember that if the price is too good to be true, it usually is. These unrealistic products are incredibly cheaper from the original cost.