Staying fit for free!


No gym membership needed, working out at home is affordable and not time consuming.

Ana Hernandez , Staff Writer

It seems like every day, new research comes out talking about the importance of exercise. A recent Business Insider article listed quite a few benefits: lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, and certain types of cancer.  And according to the American College of Sport Medicine, it was indicated that in just 6 weeks of weight training, it eased off the stress on people who have an ongoing anxiety disorder.Many people believe that in order to stay fit, it requires money and lots of time, which is a lie. You don’t need a gym membership, nor do you have to dedicate hours to special fitness classes. Thanks to YouTube, staying fit is as easy as 1-2-3. You can try out different types of workouts all within the comfort of your own home. 

POPSUGAR Fitness is one of the many reliable channels that you can use to guide yourself to stay fit. Over 1.7 million subscribers follow fitness guru Anna Renderer and use her tips and tricks. Renderer provides viewers with cardio, kickboxing, dance, and bodyweight workouts to keep things interesting She’s also certified on YouTube, which means she is the real deal. For most of POPSUGAR Fitness videos, there is no equipment requirement and most of the workouts only require a quick 30 minutes. The longest workouts are 45 minutes long.  Best of all, the exercises are easy to learn and provide a good workout without being too challenging. Renderer usually has three people performing the exercises, if not more, and has at least one person goes at a slower pace so if you ever need help or need some ideas on how to modify the workout, you can always watch that person. Besides having workout videos, POPSUGAR Fitness also has healthy recipes you can refer to if you ever want to switch over to some healthy vegan treats.

Another channel that is reliable is Fitness Blender. This channel is directed by a couple, Daniel and Kelli Segars who have been working out for the past couple years. They are also certified, (hint: you can trust their work) and over 4 million people subscribed to their channel and follow their workouts. They really motivate you to set your mind to exercise, saying things like, “Maybe we are like muscles: we break, but once we heal, we come back stronger.” While some of their videos contain equipment, you can find ways to modify the exercises so you don’t have to use the equipment. Like POPSUGAR Fitness, Fitness Blender provides viewers with mostly quick, 30-minute workouts that are totally manageable. However, if you have the time, there are some workouts that are over an hour long. The workouts  aren’t challenging at all they first demonstrate each workout that will be presenting and do it with you, step by step. If it’s easier for you to read the workouts, they have free printable sheets for each workout presented in each video which allows you to print it out. They also have a free website, ( that helps you plan your goal and focus on what you want to work on.

Besides YouTube, there are all kinds of apps that can help you stay fit. Nike Training Club Has over 160 workouts for strength and endurance  to mobility and also includes yoga. Another app that is available is the My Fitnesspal. Besides being a calorie counter and diet plan, it also tracks the exercise you do and has nutrition facts with over 200 healthy foods that can do good to your body.

For those who do not have the motivation to workout at home by themselves, there’s also another option: after school clubs! You can involve yourself in any sport. Throughout the school year, there are many sports that go on and are open doors to any student willing to commit to all games and practices. Not a sports person? No problem! There is also the option of having your gym hour change to Advanced Fitness where you work on your strength, core, and more. There is also an after school club that meetsTuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays where you can work out. No experience is required and no fee is needed. It’s all free! For more information, you can speak to your counselor, Coach Hershenbach or Coach Miller, who are usually in the weight room. 

Staying fit doesn’t require a trainer, a membership, or a special fitness class. There are many ways to workout that fits in with your schedule.