The Anti-How To:

There’s plenty of how-to articles out there that will give you tips and tricks on how to worry less about everything in general. And while you should do that, sometimes some generic one-size-fits-all tips and tricks just aren’t going to cut it. But you know what will? Knowing that everyone is in this together and it’ll be okay, well for the most part.



Just a little something relating to piece, encouraging those to study, as studying is important

“I honestly have some much anxiety when it comes to school that it affects my daily life outside of it. I’ve lost sight of the joy of discovering. The joy of learning new things. The joy of loving life and not worrying every second about something,” said Kaitlyn McWane, a junior here at Round Lake High School. McWaneworries more about having a good grades or being better than the person next to her when it comes to school, or, even sometimes life in general.

This kind of mentality is like being a stick in the mud. Everyday we come to sit in class, hardly retaining anything for the fact the we’re so tired from doing homework after an eight-hour school day, plus work or sports or whatever makes us happy (or not happy…we just have to get it done). Furthermore, it seems like students tend to be competitive about grades when they shouldn’t be and to many it feels like everyone is pushing them wayyy past their breaking point. Mainly, we’re just tired… You hear that? We are tired. We’re tired from school and the workload that comes along with it, and even after the school day ends, we’re tired from work, and we are just tired in general.

And it’s not a wonder. According to Sarah-Jayne Blakemore of the University College London Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience: “ Whatever the reasons, it is clear that teenagers are dealing with, not only massive hormonal shifts, but also substantial neural changes. These changes do not happen gradually and steadily between the ages of 0–18. They come on in great spurts and puberty is one of the most dramatic developmental stages.” So we’re stressed from school, overworked, and exhausted and we’re dealing with some pretty heavy stuff developmentally. It’s no wonder why we’re feeling like this period in our lives is the absolute worst.

Now this piece isn’t about ranting about being tired or stressed, or overworked. Rather, it is about how to enjoy these years and the years to come. Now, I don’t want to force advice on how to live down your throat, but it might be worth shedding a light on how others have coped. It’s nice to know you’re not alone. You might even get some inspiration.

Worry less. Worry less about everything whether that be school, work, or life in general. Worrying brings stress and stress brings headaches and a lack of motivation. It’s the root of many problems that lead into more problems making life more difficult. Magli*, a freshman here at RLHS, actually took up yoga to relieve her stress and help her find peace and happiness with life (but most of all, school). “I haven’t been the best at school for pretty much my whole life, and especially when I came to high school,” she said.  “I freaked out pretty much. I didn’t know what to do. All last semester, I did nothing but worry about my grades and things like my GPA and stuff like that. Basically everything was pushed down my throat by my parents and if not them, then the counselors, making it so hard to enjoy school.”

Now if that doesn’t say something to you, then what will?

I went through the same thing, worrying about my grades and my GPA like no tomorrow. Point is that school has been engraved into almost everyone as just a passing point in life to get through rather than sitting back and enjoying what’s actually going on. I guess my point is that don’t do everything for the sake of what everyone else wants you to do, but of what you, and only you feel the desire to. That doesn’t mean don’t push yourself or take risks, but enjoy the years throughout school. Worry less.

Now off to a slightly different topic but for sure one of the most important. To jump right in, make learning or whatever this piece is helping you with, make everything more thrilling or exciting to do or accomplish. Make adjustments to life. Do what you need to do to make school, life , work or whatever you desire, something you actually look forward to doing rather than something you dread doing. And since I’m trying to avoid that whole, “here’s-some-tips-and-what-you-should-live by” nonsense, figure out what works for you in any aspect of your life, whether that be relationships or sports anything you think needs a little fixer-upper too it.

Brian Bouxsein, a junior at RLHS, says this year has been on of the hardest years in life so far, from the workload, the push to start looking at colleges and to having to take some of the biggest tests in his life which pretty much determine the direction of his life.  Bouxsein has been doing everything in his power to make everything he is doing something he enjoys to do. “ I’m stressed and there’s no way to get past that, but I’ve tried to lessen it by taking no AP classes and limiting my work hours so I’m not extremely tired or have no take to take time and enjoy myself through all this chaos,” said Bouxsein.

And I applaud him for that because he’s making things more exciting and reachable for him to accomplish, and that takes guts. Now you don’t have to do what he’s doing, you can take those AP classes and work as much as you want, but it should be if you can do it and still time to do what you need to make everything in your life or school life or whichever more exciting and worthwhile.

Lastly, McWane has come to terms that worrying isn’t the best option, but states, “ I have friends who I can lean on for anything no matter what and that’s what gets me through the day and makes it okay.”

Now that I showed you that you’re most definitely not the only one who feels stressed or worried or whatever you may be feeling, take what you need from this and apply it to your life and better any situation you need. Make life better. Worry less.