A Jump Into the Season

This year there are hopes for state qualifiers and there’s lots of chances to get involved with the team as well.



The beginning before a track meet, for the track stars who chose to run.

Megan Smith

The 2018 track season is here….. Well, pre-season! With last year behind us and all that came with it, we have a whole season ahead of us. The Round Lake High School track team did lose a lot of great track stars last year due to graduation, but we have many stars ready to shine. And the best part is, if you want to be one of those stars, you still have your chance to join the team.

 For most people, running immediately comes to mind when thinking about track, but there are so many more events to get involved with: hurdles , jumps , sprints, throws, and distance. There’s something for everyone! For instance, if you have speed with running, but can’t go long distance, you can do sprinting events.

  Last year there were some great outstanding athletes who shone, including distance runner Fatima Giron, a sophomore this year and Tobias Young, a senior last year, who ended up becoming conference champ in triple jump. Another boy who did outstanding was Francisco Villanueva, a senior last year, who set the school record last year for the 110 high hurdles and the 300 intermediate hurdles and also qualifying for state.

 This season seems a little lacking when it comes to real contenders, but the track coaches do point out that it is a little too early to judge how big the team will be this year because cheer, wrestling, and basketball are still currently going on. After those seasons are over, more people will be able to join track and help the team out.

The coaches also point to the fact that there are some up-and-coming freshmen long distance runners. But as Coach Kevin Brady points out, “We’re always looking for more!” The track team needs freshman all around in all groups, so if you want to join,there will be a spot for you. Even if you’re not a freshman, it would still be a good idea to join, especially if you participate in other sports. “[Track] can improve [students’] athletic skills that can then transfer over to their other sports and make those sports better as well.” If you are interested in joining you can talk to Coach Kristin Lilla or Coach Brady.   

With every year being another chance to improve everyone has a chance to be better than last season. Even the coaches are already looking forward for state. “We have some girls who could qualify for state this year, and that is definitely exciting,” said Coach Lilla.

 The RLHS track team’s first few meets will be Feb. 20. at Buffalo Grove High School and on March 8, which is an indoor conference meet at UW Parkside.