The Start Of A Successful Season


Photo Provided

RLHS Varsity and Junior Varsity at the NLCC Contest.

Coral Bridgman, Staff Writer

A new year and a new season, the Round Lake Winter Guard prepares for the beginning of a season of all new wins. The varsity team has been hard at work learning the new routine and learning new things to ensure it can bring home another championship for the third year.  Freshmen on the junior varsity team are putting in quite a bit of work to reach the same level as the returning JV members.

Both teams took the floor on Jan. 26 at the Northern Lake County Conference Performance at Grayslake North High School and by 6:30pm the team had officially began their season. This performance was a preview to everyone’s show, to exhibit what everyone had been working hard on for the past couple months. Each of the teams received constructive criticism from the judge and with that in mind, the teams packed up and headed home to prepare for a big day where the varsity team competed at the Romeoville Contest at Romeoville High School at 4pm Jan. 27.

The varsity team competed against five other teams at the Romeoville Contest, where the team set the bar for the rest of the season. There was an issue with receiving their uniforms so the team performed their “Wizard of Oz”-inspired routine while wearing flannels of various colors and blue jeans to capture the farm feel of being in Kansas. They also wore their hair in French braids and curls. Just as the Good Witch helped Dorothy in the film, team captains Mary Stefanski, Zeltzin Contreras-Gomez, and Hannah Jewitt helped their teammates achieve their goal and won first place with a score of 61.7 out of 100.  “I was so excited when we got first, I think a lot of my reaction was an adrenaline rush.” Junior Hannah Jewitt said. “Our hard work showed in our performance last week but we’re going to continue working hard to keep our winning streak” As long as the whole team has the same attitude there’s nothing that will stop them from getting their title and return back to Kansas.

While the varsity took competition and followed the yellow brick road, the junior varsity prepared to paint the perfect picture and bring out everyone’s true colors. The team has had a little under a month to prepare for the competition at Naperville Central on Feb. 11, but the team is certainly ready to be the next Bob Ross. Bob Ross was a man who enjoyed painting and expressing himself just as the guard does with their routines. Sophomore Marcos Escobar will surely be expressive as he will be dressed as Bob Ross himself.

“I’m still shocked I was chosen to be Bob Ross,” said Escobar. “But I feel confident about our show this year because of the all effort that is going into this show.” The effort is definitely there as the team will even feature a costume change from a simple white smock and sparkling berets, to showing their true colors by removing the smocks and revealing rainbow themed shirts to match their flags. The captains Kendra Kreger, Marcos Escobar and Jackie Hernandez are living up to the title of captains by helping the team show their true potential and turning something normal to something spectacular.

This is just the beginning and both teams have the whole show done, minus a few details but overall they are at a great spot. “You don’t want to rush the writing and learning process,” said coach Jamie Dormody. “but you also want to have enough of the show done for the judges and audience to understand.” To most this might just be a bunch of people tossing flags, rifles, sabers and dancing; but to them this is a way of life, the way they can freely express themselves. Whether it be deciding where their future lies beyond the yellow brick road, or teaching everyone the joys of painting, both the teams will surely deliver an amazing show and bring back first place titles.