A Passion for Helping


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Mrs. Stephanie Garvey, one of the counselors here at RLHS, is a resource for struggling students.

Wendolyne Aguilar

The majority of students get stuck as the school work piles up and the pressure creeps in. But Round Lake High School counselor Mrs. Stephanie Garvey was lucky enough to have family and friends to be there whenever she needed help during her high school years, especially when she was facing difficult classes, sports and sleep deprivation. Now, she wants to be that resource to her students.

Throughout students’ lives there will be a time when they go through a rough patch that can lead them to an unhealthy mind. Things like these can be avoided by either talking to a parent, a teacher or even a school counselor. Here at RLHS, Garvey is one of the student counselors that dedicates her time by giving students advice about how to improve their academic studies and how to manage stress.

Garvey always felt like the education environment was the perfect fit for her. “When I was in college, studying psychology and Spanish, I went back to my high school and spent the whole day with my school counselor,” Garvey said. “She let me work with her and find out what her job was like and understand the responsibilities and day-to-day life of school counselor so after that day, I really knew that was I wanted to do. I love that she got to be part of a team, she got to problem solve and she got to help people.”

Offering support to those who need it can feel awarding, and that is how Garvey feels whenever she helps a student in need. “It feels good because part of the reason I picked this job was to help students and I believe that students deserve the resources they need,” she said. “Especially if they have hard things going on and need people to be on their team.”

Another one of Garvey’s passions is spreading awareness about important social issues. Garvey took part in the Bullying Prevention in the month of October and had students pledge to stop bullying from happening in the school. “ We need help to stick up for each other,” she said. “Other things we did this year was put hand prints on canvases as anti-bullying pledges. In the past years we have done anti-bullying pledges, but we wanted to do something that students can see and remember, so we had students paint their hands, stamp their hands and be part of artwork that hangs in the counseling office.”

Counselors often work together to bring students together. Both Garvey and her colleague, Mrs. Penina Noonan work with undocumented students and reference their students to the Dream Club because it is intended to create a safe space for them, and Garvey always reminds her undocumented students that this club is accepting students with open arms. “The club is set up to provide resources for students that are undocumented and students who are allies for their undocumented peers,” she said.  Fellow RLHS counselor  Noonan said, “We do various campaigns to raise awareness and work to make our school a safer/more welcoming place for all students.”

This student counselor wants to witness her students achieve so many things in life by moving further with their education. Garvey does everything in her power to help her students even with the smallest things. She knew the struggle of being in school and dealing with stress since she was in the same shoes not so long ago and understands what students are facing.