Humble is the way to go

Jenifer Morales

Fatima Giron never imagined achieving state or even sectionals or even regionals when she began competing on Round Lake High School’s cross country team. The only thing she really dreamed about was making it to varsity. The young, sixteen-year-old girl started with dreams and goals that she was determined to accomplish by practicing running.

Overachiever and goal setter describes Fatima Giron, a sophomore at Round Lake High School. What makes Giron such a fascinating student is the determination she has to achieve her goals. Giron received a 102 out of 210 at the competition at state. Giron’s achievements and successes are an obvious result of the dedication she has towards her school and her athletic career.

As we enter her bedroom, numerous ribbons hang on the pink walls and on top of her drawer are valuable trophies. On one side of her bed, a hook is covered with with medals from all of her past meets.

Giron’s many ribbons decorate her bedroom walls in her home. (Photo provided)

Many people wish to accomplish a dream, but for Giron, pursuing her goal was such an unbelievable reality because she was the first female to make to state. She admits, “I didn’t do my best and I wish I could’ve done it better because I knew I could have done better if I had practiced more”.

Giron’s facial expression was turned down as she remembers that she wasn’t always so full of hope. As a matter of fact, she was hopeless because she knew she wasn’t the best runner out there. Then she decided to attend a summer program, which would help her succeed in cross country her freshman year. 



Giron’s many trophies sit on top of her dresser. (Photo provided)


This year 2017 Fatima Giron qualified for state in November. During sectionals, Giron felt a physical pain in her foot. But that didn’t even stop her from running. “It was cold,” she remembers. “I kept asking myself I should stop, but then I realized I have to keep going and I couldn’t let that stop me from finishing the race.”  After finishing the meet, she was very proud of herself but she fell to the ground. Giron felt a torturous pain in the tissue of her foot. Luckily, kind Coach Brady carried Giron on his back and they proceeded to go to the bus and he congratulated her.

A cold, windy day greeted Grion on the big state meet. (Photo Provided)

The pain in her foot turned out to be plantar fasciitis, and she is currently unable to run. “I see everyone from the cross country team is starting to train for track and that gets me upset because I can’t train and I can’t do anything to become better than what I was,” she said. “That gets me worried also. I know anyone can take my spot and I’m not doing anything to maintain my spot because I have sit out from my injury. I really wish I can run everyday. Every morning before school started, I went to the gym to swim or in the evening I would go biking.” 

As if running a race on an injured foot and the pain she feels from not being able to practice doesn’t prove Giron’s determination, lots of her friends can speak to it as well. Lizet Aguirre, a sophomore at RLHS describes Giron as  “a very hardworking girl who’s kind to everyone and is super humble, and she’s the fastest girl for long distance in Round Lake High School.” 

But on top of being fast, Giron is also humble. “Despite the fact that she is the fastest distance runner Round Lake has ever had, it does not go to her head,” said Coach Brady. “She is internally driven to be better than she was the day before, and is still trying to understand how fast she can go.”

Many students at RLHS admire Fatima Giron because of how humble and positive she has. Students wonder why Giron doesn’t like showing off but would rather encourage and motivate others with advice.  Giron has received a lot of support for her running, and not just by RLHS, but her family too. Her younger brother, Diego Girion is really supportive. “We both talk about our dreams and goals and go for runs together,” Giron said. Giron values family very much, and so there is no jealousy between her and her brother. 

Giron doesn’t like the idea of bragging to her friends.  Even though she is proud of herself she doesn’t think bragging is the key to gain popularity. “All my friends would tell me, ‘How come you don’t brag about your things? Like if I were you I would be saying this and I’d be bragging about my records, but you’re so humble also so nice!’ And that’s the way it should be,” says Giron. 

A sport can truly change a person’s life. Cross country and track and field surely changed Fatima Giron’s life. She explains that the sport made her fill up with hope. “Not only did I become physically stronger, also I was mentally stronger which made me really happy,” she said. 

Right now Giron is patiently waiting to do conditioning for track-in-field in January, which is when the doctor has cleared her to start running again. She is hoping all her hard work will pay off and she will be able to get a scholarship for winning a division. Giron would eventually like to attend Standford University to study in the medical field once she finishes high school.

“I want to make my four years of high school counts, “ says Giron, lowering her eyebrows with determination.