Longer Class Periods Only Brings Benefits

Time matters within the school.



Instead of counting down the minutes in class, we should appreciate all the time we are learning.

Jenifer Morales

Do you feel like you never have enough time to finish your class work or learn new information? Longer class periods would allow teachers to finish teaching their lessons and would also give students time to practice the new skills they have learned. Although many people feel that a longer school day would cause other problems, Round Lake High School should add ten more minutes to each class period because then students would have more time to learn the important concepts taught in their classes and it would also allow students to feel like they have a chance to breathe.

Many students wouldn’t like the idea of adding more time to the school day. Yes, it’s true that adding ten more minutes to each class period would mean the day would end a whole 90 minutes later. Yes, it might be a problem if students have sports or extracurricular activities after school, but everyone needs to understand that other students would appreciate more time added to the class periods. Many students would feel relief because they would have an added opportunity to learn a new topic or finish a test, or even spend time with their friends.

As a matter of fact, students should only look at the positives when it comes to making the class time longer. Time is valuable since there are students who need to focus on school and want to succeed in their classes.  Students would appreciate more time when learning new skills. Lorena Pacheco, a junior at RLHS said that when she starts on an assignment, she never has time to finish. “Time always passes fast,” she said. Pacheco went on to mention how she wished she had more time in class “because then I would have more time to finish work.”  

Students would like more time to be around their friends. Even though it isn’t educational, some student would like to receive more lunch time, said Luis Banuelos, a freshman at RLHS. Banuelos said if the time would increase, it would “give more time to be with your friends and more time to eat.”

Additionally, teachers wish to have more time because many activities go into the next day, which can throw off a whole schedule. “Coming from the standpoint of a science teacher, an extra ten minutes would help us finish labs,” said Mr. Alan Dorfman, who teaches science at RLHS.

Overall, adding ten more minutes to class periods could have a positive outcome for students and teachers. Students and teachers who disagree should think about all the benefits that would come along with extended time.