Focused on the Future


Christopher Chiakulas

Daniela Zavala

November starts College and Career month here at Round Lake High School. Throughout the month, the College and Career center ran by College Counselor Mr. Christopher Chiakulas will host multiple events for students. These events will inform curious students about what college and career paths they could take after graduating.  


The counseling office hopes to fill all the events they have prepared. Throughout the year, each month has an assigned theme and in November  Chiakulas and the counseling department are focusing on careers. “[We figured it’s the perfect time to focus on careers because]  they should be finishing their college applications and FAFSA,” Chiakulas said. 


The Arts & Humanities career panel is the first event that kicks off the month. All students, not just seniors are invited to this event, where they will get a glimpse of the career they want to pursue in the future. Counselor Sarah Schaefer said, “College and career month is important for all grades throughout the year.” Along with the A&H career panel, there will also be the Leadership and Human Services, Business and Communications, STEM and Manufacturing, and the Health and Sciences career panel as well.  Be sure to stop in the counseling office to get an idea of when the panels will be occurring.

Aside from the career panels, the counseling department have coordinated for students, there are also college representatives that come in daily to give upperclassmen an inside look at their college of choice and have the opportunity to sit one-on-one with representatives and ask questions.  Students can find what colleges are slated to visit RLHS in the counseling office in a big white binder Chiakulas has put together. To get more information about college-related events hosted by the counseling department visit the RLHS Counseling Department’s Twitter account as well as its newsletter on the school’s website.

“The counseling department puts a lot of effort into this month because we know how important these events are for students,” said Chiakulas. Many students might not have the time or means to go out and visit colleges and get a good look at the field of work they want to do. “So we try and bring as many opportunities to the school as we can.”