No need to stress, FAFSA is here!


You may find yourself being this stressed when looking at the price tag of your dream college.

Megan Smith

 As college is approaching for many junior and seniors at Round Lake High School, so does the question, How am I going to pay for school? One big answer to that question is FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you’re a student interested in attending college, now is the time to get information about this form, which will end up telling you how eligible you are for scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid.

 If you apply for FAFSA there is a big possibility to receive financial aid for college, as the government provides “more than $120 billion in federal student aid each year to help pay for college or career school,” according to the Federal Student Aid website.

Sadly, not everyone who signs up is guaranteed to get money. “Only those students that show their family is not able to contribute financially to the student’s college expenses will receive free money,” said Mr. Christopher Chiakulas, the college and career counselor at RLHS. Though there’s a possibility of not receiving a grant, it doesn’t hurt to cross all the t’s and dot all your i’s when it comes to free money.

 It might seem like a big hassle to fill out the form, but the potential to get free financial aid is incredibly worth it. After all, NerdWallet, a website that helps people make good financial choices with online articles, credit card comparisons, and counseling, points out that last year’s senior class missed out on $2.3 billion, just because they didn’t bother to fill out the form.   

 The current seniors at RLHS are filling out the FAFSA form right now. The school has provided many tools to help out, and the counseling department just hosted its fourth annual FAFSA Fest Oct. 5, which was to help people fill out the forms. It’s a good idea to take advantage of all the special help the counseling department provides in being ready (both financially and mentally) for college. Jonny Dominguez, a senior at RLHS said the reason it’s taking him longer to fill out the form is because he doesn’t know all the information about his parents that he needs. When asked if it would have helped him to go to FAFSA Fest, Dominguez  excitably said, “Oh my gosh, yes!” 

 Though FAFSA might be intimidating, there are people who are happy to help you out. Though not all of RLHS’s students are in the process of filling out this form everyone should be aware of what it is, and how it is there to help you get the college career everyone deserves.