Creating a Safe Place

Clubs, counselors, and student organizations are working hard to make Round Lake High School a safe place for everyone.


Kim Krieger

Motivational poster hung in one of the girls’ bathroom at Round Lake High School.

“I’ve honestly never been to a school where there are so many different faces,”commented Alexis Phares, a junior at Round Lake High School. “I come from Tennessee, where everyone pretty much looks the same and has the same boring lifestyle as everybody else, but here, here it is different. No one is alike, and I love that.”

With the ever expanding culture and diversity within the world, RLHS shouldn’t expect anything different from the students that enter the building every morning. But such a wide variety of different individuals can often result in  contrasting opinions and views from fellow peers. While different opinions can mean healthy debates and learning from one another, it often doesn’t happen that way.

To help prevent any student conflicts, the counselors here take the time and effort to create clubs events dedicated to making sure every peer at RLHS feels welcome and safe. In fact, each month here at RLHS is dedicated to something that contributes to making the students feel more comfortable with their environment. Let’s take a look at at some of clubs and organizations that are trying to make a sense of community.

There are many clubs and organizations that tie into making RLHS a better place. Take We Dream Club for example. This club focuses on being an advocacy for students that are currently undocumented immigrants. This year, members have been promoting the club with Hispanic Heritage Month, and they decorated the display cabinet in the front of the building. The club also works to create events that coordinate with the culture and diversity of RLHS. According to Mrs. Penina Noonan, counselor and leader of We Dream Club, “Our main goal is to help. The Dream Club isn’t just for undocumented students,but for students who want to help and those who want to be a part of the cause of doing good and making things better for someone else.” Along with striving to make everyone feel welcome, Dream Club is currently trying to fundraise to help Puerto Rico recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

Another major initiative helping RLHS be a better place is the counseling department’s anti-bullying campaign that is currently going on for the month of October. Every bathroom and every bulletin board in each of the hallways are decorated with pictures and posters to show the negative effects of bullying. In addition, Panther Crew, which is a group of juniors and seniors that help freshman adjust to the high school life, is raising awareness for anti-bullying by wearing no bullying t-shirts every Monday in October.

According to Noonan, “ The whole purpose of the things we do, isn’t to just make the school look good, but show that even though there is so much chaos going on in the world right now, we want the school to be that safe place, and the place that shows that they’re there to help.”