The Problem With PDA

The school is dedicated to a learning environment, not a love fest movie taking place in the 1970’s.


Colin Maynard

A little hand holding is one thing (especially if it’s outside in nature!), but if your make out sessions are causing traffic jams after third period, it’s not okay!

John Brown, Staff Writer

Even though couples don’t do more than just kissing in school, the kissing is still an immense problem for students and staff at Round Lake High School.  The hallways are filled with a massive amount of students on a daily basis, and a lot of couples are cuddling up and hogging up that precious hall space, creating traffic jams equivalent to a rush hour frenzy on I-94. Couples in the hallway need to stop showing excessive PDA.

PDA is defined as public display of affection, and as one roams the hallways here at RLHS, that PDA is very noticeable.   And when I say very, I mean very, I am not exaggerating one bit.  The staff are one of the main eyewitnesses to PDA while observing the hallways during passing period.

“PDA shouldn’t be happening around school,” said Mrs. Anne Tesnow, a physics teacher here at RLHS. “The school should be a place of academia.”  

“I encounter a lot of PDA on a daily basis,” said safety assistant Mrs. Krause. “A heavy make out session in a school hallway shows lack of respect and it can ruin your reputation.”

It’s not just the teachers and staff complaining about the excessive amounts of PDA. “I think the PDA in the hallway is annoying,” said Junior Jessy Kate Delarosa. “I’m against it. No one wants to see the couples making out. I’m trying to get to class, and it pretty much makes me mad.” Delarosa also added that she was in a relationship, but never blocked the hallway at school.

PDA is a hot topic for many staff and students at Round Lake High School. There should be less PDA in the hallways, or administration should just enforce a simple kiss and goodbye. School is meant for learning. Couples feel the need to get all emotional about not seeing one another in a 45 minute period and it’s ridiculous. It’s only 45 minutes!

Excessive PDA should be handled with greater conduct from before. “You just want to make it not happen,” said Delarosa. “The parents should be called.” Krause also had similar solutions, “Administration should give a verbal warning, parent contact, detention, suspension, and a parent/teacher conference.” Krause also adds that the solution should apply to all school functions and activities as well. “Everyone has to come together and change the school’s culture,” agreed Tesnow.

Between classes, I look forward to reflecting on the day and tuning people out in the hallways, but with the couples excessively making out in the hallways, it gets difficult.  People do not want to see couples kissing in the hallways. No one cares about the couples’ emotions for not seeing each other. It’s annoying!  Keep the kissing simple and brief! Life goes on!

The hallways being filled with numerous amounts of people reflects the traffic jam frenzy on I-94. The hallways should be free of space for people to walk in and out freely. There should be a mandatory rule on couples standing to the sides of the hallways so people can get through. Couples should respect the people trying to get to class and being on time. Move over couples!