Samantha Nicoline: Lady Panther

Kiara Billups, Staff Writer

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Meeting Samantha Nicoline for the first time, she was the nicest person. She was very friendly, outgoing, and very down to earth. But things change as soon as she steps on the volleyball court. All that friendliness dissolves into one incredibly fierce player.

Nicoline, a junior at Round Lake High School, has been playing volleyball since fourth grade. Nicoline has been a varsity volleyball player since her freshmen year of high school. But what many may not know, is that even though Nicoline is a great volleyball player now, she wasn’t always that good. Nicoline struggled when she first started playing volleyball. She practiced hard  to prove that she was good enough to play.

“Volleyball didn’t come naturally to me like [it did for] others,” Nicoline said. “I had to improve in my weak spots to become the player I am now.” Nicoline even confessed that it was hard at times, but she knew what had to be done and went and worked hard for it. “I liked the challenge that the sport gave me in the beginning,” she said. “It made me want to play harder.” 

Nicoline loves the game of volleyball. She became drawn to the sport by watching the Olympics and she wanted to become as good as the player on the Olympic teams. “I love the feeling of winning and being able to say I played a good game and gave it my all,” she said. During games, all of Nicoline’s focus is on the competition. She shows encouragement to teammates, even when they lose a game. She wants to let everyone know that they played a good game, even if they didn’t win.

Nicoline is that person who on the court she giving 110%. She wants to win every game. Even though Nicoline is great at volleyball, she doesn’t plan on running for MVP but she hopes to have an impact on junior varsity and the freshman team.