My Take On The Football Team

Just a little biased view of the football team, recapping last year, and summing up this year.


Kim Krieger

The Round Lake High School football team huddling together right before a big home game

“I really miss the team this year. Especially with how well they are doing,” said Dante Rivera, a junior that was on varsity last year. It makes sense that Rivera misses the team, since it seems to be improving. The keyword being “seems.”

Not to be a Debby Downer, but hearing that the RLHS football team lost their last three games isn’t really shocking news. And that’s totally okay because the students at RLHS love the team regardless of the wins or losses they have. But it was nice to have those celebratory times at the beginning of the season while they boasted a pretty unusual winning streak. The team has seemed to transform from last year when most games the players seemed to lack heart.

But we can only dwell on the negative so much. At least the team doing better than last year, when they ended the season 1-8. However, 2017 “seems” to be their year, starting the season off with a 3-0 win streak, something that hasn’t happened since 2001. Which is definitely something to be proud of. Furthermore,the team stands 2-4, as of right now.

According to many players on the team, this year is going great, minus the couple of L’s the team just took. Joshua Graham, junior wide receiver on varsity football, said,“ I think the team does the best they can. We’re not the greatest, but we sure do try. ” Graham also commented how there were changes made by the coaches and the players themselves to be a better team than last year.

And that heart they seemed to be lacking last year, well, freshman defensive tackler Corwin Rowe, who plays for the freshmen team believes they have it. “ Although I am quite new, I believe the team is still a family regardless of how well we do,” he said. “However the wins we have are something we celebrate proudly.”

All and all,the team has improved greatly over the past year, and it’s something that Round Lake takes to heart. Adding to that, with the team implementing new strategies and appreciating each other and the game, it’s possible we will see a few more wins before the season ends. Last but not least, spend some time supporting the football and even all the other teams we have at the school!