No Place Like the Powder Puff Game

Glitter, paint, pride and the the drive to win, Round Lake High School students took part in homecoming festivities Sept. 11-15. This year, the senior team took the title.


Berenice Lazaro

The winning senior powder puff team gathers for a group picture after a pep rally.

Berenice Lazaro, Staff Writer

Before the homecoming dance, Round Lake High School has parades, games and dress up days that excite the students for the start of a new school year. One of the main events that many students get hyped and take part in is the annual powder puff game. Girls play flag football while the boys create a dance routine and perform during halftime to keep the crowd entertained. Freshman go against the sophomores for a win among the lower classmen, while the juniors and seniors compete for the overall title. This year, excited cheers could be heard across RLHS’s football field  as the seniors won the game Sept. 13.

In the earlier game, sophomores boasted a win against the freshmen. Last year, the juniors won and many were worried that the streak would continue, with seniors losing the title. However, the seniors rallied together for an action-packed game that ended with the trophy.

While powder puff might seem like all fun and games, there is actually a lot of practice and strategy behind the big day. Girls start practicing at the beginning of the year, and some of them may have to make up for their lack of knowledge about football. But, according to senior team Head Coach Ms. Tracy Balla, who teaches AP and regular U.S. history as well as sociology, having players that never played before isn’t as hard as it seems to be. “We have a pretty simple offensive and defensive that most of the girls were able to pick up very quickly,” she said.  “What helped the most were girls who made an effort to come to every practice. They were able to show the most progress.”

All of the girls tried their hardest, but there were few that really held the team together. “Of course on defense, Hannah Brooks and Veronica Lopez were beasts,” said senior team Assistant Coach Mr. Nicholas Pegarsch, who teaches social studies and ESL. “They made some critical stops. But there was also a ton of support from the defensive line. Natalie Torres and Barbie Rowe got some critical flags and at end of the game, our safety Yuriko Perez had an amazing stop right on the goal. Honestly, none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for the defensive team, and really the whole senior team, putting everything they had into that game. It will be saddening to not be coachign the same team next year.”

As a last remark Pegarsch said, “It would not have been possible if it weren’t for every girl on that team. It will be saddening to not be coaching the same team next year”.

Balla also emphasized that all the players were giving it their all. “The offense put together a solid effort that allowed us to score on almost every possession,” she said.“That, combined with a few crucial defensive stops, allowed us to get the edge on the juniors. Additionally, the defense did a great job of making a mid-game correction to shut down the juniors’ passing game. It really was a team effort”.

Winning and losing aside, many girls joined for the lasting memories. “ It’s my senior year and I wanted to try something different,” said Monica Ramirez, a senior at RLHS. “I felt like if I don’t do it, I was going to regret it and look back and be like, ‘[Oh man,] that could have been me.'”