Fun Things To Do This Summer

Fun Things To Do This Summer

Cory Morse/AP

Paola Morales, Staff Writer

Having a summer full of adventures, fun, and memories is always the goal for most. However, by the middle of summer we often find ourselves trying to find new things to rescue us from our boredom. Here is a list of fun and different things you can do over the summer, along with family and friends.  Here’s to making summer 2017 a memorable one!


  1. Downtown Chicago

Downtown is a place full of fun and adventure. Pack a backpack, get a train ticket and enjoy the day from start to finish. One of the best things about taking the Metra is that the one-way tickets to Chicago are roughly $4.00. There are many fun things you can do downtown, such as stopping by Cloud Gate to take a cool picture in front of the famous Bean statue. Navy Pier is also a great place full of food, rides, and shops. For more information to Metra tickets or navy pair you can visit or


  1. Go on a short road trip

There are many different places to go, while still staying close to home. Take a day and plan out places you would like to go to with some friends or family. It can be simple as going to Six Flags  or going to further places like Wisconsin Dells or Indiana Dunes.


  1. Go out for ice cream

Summer doesn’t have to be full of crazy adventures, you can do something simple and still enjoy just as much. Bring a friend with you and go out for ice cream on a nice sunny day. Luckily, Round Lake has ice cream places all around, such as Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, Frostie Bites (if you prefer frozen yogurt), Orlando’s, and more.


  1. Bonfire

Having a bonfire is a summer must. There’s nothing better than relaxing around the fire on a nice summer night, and enjoying some s’mores with friends.  Spice it up by hanging twinkly lights or even doing some DIY’s, like making lanterns or different versions of s’mores. Pinterest has many different ideas of how to spice up a bonfire.


  1. Go to a museum

Usually the last thing any student would want to do during summer is learn. However, museums can be an entertaining and interesting place. There are tons of museums in Chicago that appeal to everyone, such as The Art Institute Museum, Chicago History Museum, The Field Museum, and many more. Here is website with the top 10 museums in Chicago with prices included


  1. Go Stargazing

Often people forget about the beauty of nature and how amazing it is. Try something different and go stargazing on a warm summer night with some friends and family. Some places to go stargazing is Lake Michigan, Indiana Dunes, and more.


  1. Try an Outdoor Theatre

Were so accustomed to the typical indoor movie theatre, that it becomes  super boring and basic. Try something new this summer and go to an outdoor theatre. Luckily, there is an outdoor theatre in McHenry about 20 minutes away. The next closest one is in Jefferson, Wisconsin .This is perfect for anybody, whether it be your friends, family, or a significant other. For more information on both theatres, you can visit their websites:   or


  1. Canoeing

Canoeing is such a fun and different activity for most. Independence Grove Marina has canoeing (other boats are available too), and many other activities like biking, fishing, and more. For more info you can visit


  1. Amusement Park

If you like rides and the feeling of adrenaline, then amusement parks will be a great way to spend the summer. Six Flags Great America offers bring a friend for free days, or you can get a season pass for the whole summer. Six Flags also offers a water park for those hot summer days.


  1. Marathon/ Color Run

Many people’s goals over the summer is to be fit and healthy, but that can start to feel like a chore. Joining a Marathon with a friend can be fun while still getting some exercise in. There are also color runs you can participate in which can be a lot more fun too.  

         Hopefully with these fun and different ideas, you can have a great and memorable summer break. With these couple of months being the time off from the stress of school and other things, being able to enjoy and have fun is a must. With that being said, go out and try some of these ideas and make the most out of your summer.