Prom Day 2017


Christina Larson

A view of the Chicago skyline from “The Mystic Blue”on prom night.

Prom! Prom! Prom! Prom! Prom! Rings through the speakers and the social media posts and in the ears of students everywhere; upperclassmen giggle like it’s an inside joke and then it’s officially Prom Day at Round Lake Senior High School. While the day was bright, the afternoon quickly became a downpour but the senior class of 2017 and the rest of the prom attendees made a full blown celebration out of the gloomy day.

The RLHS Prom took place on “The Mystic Blue” floating mystically on Lake Michigan. After months upon months of hard work this year’s juniors, seniors, and select underclassmen, had the opportunity to party in style at Chicago’s own Navy Pier on April 29 and the hype was not made in vain. Excited teens gathered for one last night at a school dance to celebrate the tradition of finally ending one chapter together and beginning a new one with whoever or wherever that may be.

The weekly forecast had been predicting a dramatically rainy day for Saturday April 29. And that morning held some hope of a dry day whenever the sun peeked through the clouds, but soon after noon the rainfall came down in full force and did not stop the rest of the night. Getting to the school, walking to the bus, and walking to the boat was an absolute hassle through the rain, but thanks to the traditional rain on RLHS Prom everyone came armed with an umbrella and coats.

On the boat there was a collective sigh of relief, along with a few gasps at how drenched a few of the boys were, they had given their coats to their dates respectfully. The boat was cool and moved about a lot from the waves but most of us were too hungry to think about getting sick at the time.

The buffet started the night off. It featured tacos and chicken as the main entrees with the side choices of salad, rice, and macaroni and cheese. And right before the dance, which everyone was anticipating, came the dessert bar which had an assortment of cookies, brownies, and fruit.

Much to the disdain of the people on the top floor, the bottom floor began dancing first and everyone flooded that dance floor. After a few minutes however, the floors evened out as the top floor began playing some much needed throwback songs and Latin music while the bottom floor played all of today’s biggest hits.

The dancing also featured some unintentional swaying thanks to the boat’s rocky movement, which was quite funny if it didn’t make you sick, “My favorite part was when we all had to balance ourselves while dancing. It just made dancing more fun in my opinion” says Vanessa Frescas, a senior at RLHS. Standing back and looking at the crowd there was a noticeable swaying movement happening in unison, but not many people seemed to mind because the DJ was playing all the right songs.

Prom ended regretfully, but at the end of the day everyone seemed satisfied with the experience. And it was time to venture out into the cold rain again. The bus ride back was quiet, as everyone had spent their last ounce of energy on the dance floor no doubt. And the school was kind enough to give every student a glass, a picture frame, and sunglasses as a souvenir.

Reflecting on RLHS Prom day, senior, Jocelyn Perez says, “My favorite part was seeing how dressed up everyone was. Some people looked so different that you couldn’t even recognize them.” Everyone looked exceptional, and there was no amount of rain that could ruin Round Lake’s look.

All in all, the odds were against us, in terms of the weather, but that headstrong Round Lake pride broke through and we proved that this was our day.