Spring Cleaning

Here’s some tips on how to start your spring cleaning.



Start the new season blooming and get into spring grooming

It’s spring! What better way to start the new season with a fresh start! And one of the easiest ways to start fresh is by cleaning your room top to bottom. A room should be cared for considering it’s a place where you could relax and forget about your problems for a while. Lots of people can be affected by the cold, dreary winter months and sometimes your room suffers through that funk too.


Cleaning your room can actually have a really great effect on your everyday life. According to the article  Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy, “Having a dirty room can affect your mind negatively, even if you aren’t aware of it.” According to author, Charles Duhigg’s, and his book The power of Habit making your bed every morning is directly correlated with higher levels of productivity and overall happiness.”


The Blaize has gathered a few tips to keep your bedroom sparkling clean for the new spring season. To start off, take a good look around your room and think of all the cleaning supplies you might have to gather, such as a feather duster, any furniture cleaner spray, paper towels, garbage bags, broom or a vacuum, depending on what type of floors you have, and maybe even a room freshener.


Now that you’ve got your army of cleaning supplies collected, clear off your bed and put all of you bed sheets in the washer. You can set all of the supplies on the bare bed for easy access.


Clear everything off the floor and sort it all out. Make different piles for clean and dirty clothes, shoes, miscellaneous items that don’t have a place (yet!) and garbage. Take everything in the garbage pile and throw it away.

Once your floor is cleared, go ahead and sweep or vacuum.


Your floor’s all clean! Now you can focus on your furniture. Throw out anything that is unnecessary and sort everything else out. Dust may be a major problem, so use a feather duster

to get rid of it all.


Once the dust is gone, use a furniture cleaner spray to get rid of any stains or spots.


Your bed sheets are most likely finished, so get them out and make your bed.
You’re almost done! For the last touch you can use a room freshener of your choice and spray it all around.