“You Never Walk Alone”



BTS’ album photo shoot “You Never Walk Alone”

Zainy Tareen, Staff writer

   Taehyung waits quietly, looking at the white snow that covers the train tracks. He looks over to his left, expecting the train as he starts walking closer to the edge of the train station. Taehyung crushes snow as he jumps off, falling to his knees. He slowly places his head on the cold tracks, listening to the distant sound of the train.


   I’m a fan of BangTanBoys, a Korean K-Pop group and was surprised when I found out another album was going to be released. The previous album, “Wings” came out four months before “You Never Walk Alone” and yet the sound of the music was so different from previous songs. “Spring Day,” the main song of the album has more of a slower tone   The only part I was disappointed in was that album contained 18 songs, but only four of them were new because the other 14 were from the “Wings” album. Even though with a few new songs, BTS showed that they put all their effort in these amazing lyrics and unforgettable music videos.

   “You Never Walk Alone” came out with two music videos “Spring Day” and “Not Today”, though both songs came from the same album, the music style and plot is very different. “Spring Day” starts off more depressing, with V (Taehyung) killing himself. His suicide starts off the song when a train whistle goes off. The music video left me with many questions, but the one I asked the most was, “Why is this song so good?”  Another of “You Never Walk Alone’s” iconic songs is “Not Today” an upbeat song with lyrics like “Together We Will Survive” or “I believe in BTS” give a more of a positive outlook. The music video shows RapMonster (Kim Namjoon) walking in an abandoned building, joining a group of hooded people. As the music starts, the other members join him and begin an amazingly-choreographed dance.

   BTS’ previous albums always showed the theme of youth, this album was a little different but did still reflect on the topic. With songs like “Mama” and “Stigma” showing problems people face with life about loneliness, mental health and love. The main theme BTS want their fandom to know that youth won’t last forever so you need to cherish it.

“You Never Walk Alone” is filled with great lyrics and unforgettable videos. The videos do leave me with questions, but they also answer a lot on how everyone suffers through problems growing up. The best part of this album was that every member had a chance to sing their own song and separately show their talent.

I find this album one to be unforgettable, mostly because I can relate to it. Everyone has hard times and BTS’s “You Never Walk Alone” and previous albums show me problems happen everywhere but growing up there’s also great moments. In BTS’s albums they show friendship and how much someone can get affected if they don’t have it anymore. Most of the time the loneliness can cause suicide like how Taehyung puts his head on the train tracks but BTS shows that suicide should never be the option. With their music, they try to give awareness to big problems and that’s why I love them.