Tennis Team Launches Season With A Win


John Brown

Sebastian Rodriguez, Danny Guzman, and Rodrigo Villa all playing tennis with teammates

John Brown, Lifestyle and Sports Writer

The cold winds, competition, and audience’s roars all bring heat to the 2017 tennis season, which is back and better than ever. The late-going games, and the seven-hour-long, weekend quads all rise back in session carrying the team’s spirit and competitiveness.

   The Round Lake High School boys’ tennis team  started the season with two games against Zion-Benton High School and a quad at Hampshire High School. The RLHS boys’ tennis team leads the season with a 2-0 start.

   The RLHS boys’ tennis team faced off against Zion-Benton High School on March 21 and completed the victory with a win of 7-0. “I think our team played extremely well against Zion-Benton,” said Varsity Tennis Coach Mr. Atom Davis. “We normally match up very well with that team every year. However, this season we were able to compete and win at all positions. That was incredibly rewarding. It was a positive start to the season.” Davis was impressed with the team’s effort.

That Thursday, March 23,  the team  played against two schools in a quad at Hampshire High School and finished overall 2-0. “Playing in the quad in Hampshire was also a strong indicator of how well our team has started this season,” said Davis. “Considering the cold and windy conditions, I was happy at how our team played and how we rose to the challenge.”

“We won 8-0 at the Hampshire Quad in doubles, which is a really great way to start the season,” said varsity doubles player,  Sophomore Andre Duran.

 Although varsity tennis leads the season with a perfect record right now, some flaws still need to be fixed for the upcoming matches. “Our team has many improvements to make,” said Davis. “First and foremost, we lack experience from our three singles position down to all of our doubles spots. This will prove to be a challenge when matches get tight, and we are not ready to react or compete with teams that have more depth than we do. We also need to improve on the fundamentals of the game. Ground strokes, net volleys, serving, communication and our fitness level.” Davis also said that the process would be long and hard, but the team will eventually get there.  

Players are aware of the changes and improvements they have to make, improving step-by-step of their games. “I just need to work on my backhand and my overhead,” said varsity player,  Sophomore Diego Jimenez.

The team has many more games to play and will inevitably face challenges and some downfalls, but that’s all part of the sport.

“Starting off 3-0 builds confidence in our team,” said Davis.  “Especially being so young it can only help. As a coach, I look at it two different ways: one, we are confident and feel good about what we are doing on the court. Two: we can be too confident and relax a bit thinking that we are really good and perhaps not put the required work in. I tend to think with the personalities and make up of this team that I would vote for option number one.”

The team has many strategies to achieve success against other schools, and clearly, has confident, capable players. “We should be able to win most matches if we try our best, especially against Lakes, since they are our hardest match this season,” said Duran.

The team looks to keep its strong current record,but will ultimately face some new challenges in the future. With one of the best starts ever, the RLHS tennis community looks to see more advances than ever before. The 4-6 team will have a dual match at Wauconda High School on Tuesday, April 25.