New School, Fresh Start


Taylor Sears, Staff Writer

Starting a new school has got to be one of the most frightening things anyone has to face. It’s even more frightening when you have spent your entire life in a small town, and are faced with moving hours away to start college. It’s like a HUGE restart to a whole new chapter of a book and the reader has no idea what to expect next after a plot twist happens. How will the character conform into the new life style? Will it be as easy as many people make it out to be?

As the final days of senior year slowly approach, the thoughts of college are coming to mind. The thoughts of not only having to pick out classes, but also just the thought of a new scene after twelve years of the same routine. And now the fact of having to do it by themselves is an even  scarier thought. The clock is slowly running out to the moment of graduation. As we get closer and closer to our new lives in college, all the options start to open and a little guidance could be needed to help the transition be a little easier. Here, some Round Lake graduates and an admissions counselor offer some solid advice to have an anxiety-free transition.

College sophomore, Alex West, says the first thing to do to make the transition easier is to make sure you know the campus. If you have a good idea of how the campus is laid out and where to go, there are so many more opportunities to explore. “When I got to campus for orientation, I have never been so confused in my life,” West said. “It will take awhile to get used to, but if you know where to go, life is ten times easier.” If the college has a map of the school, use it! Do not be afraid to ask the other students there as well. After all, just asking a simple question could gain a lifelong friend.

Another way to help prepare for college is get to know your counselor. Starting early and having communication with your college counselor now, puts students ahead of the rest since they know what to watch out for in the next few months or year. “Once the student is on campus, advisors in their major are there to help them in whatever way they can,” admissions counselor Kailee Aston from The University of Akron, Ohio said. “Their involvement in your college career is basically going to be up to you.” As long as the student actively looks for help through what is provided at the school, the transitions could be made much easier.

One of the biggest keys to staying successful and adjusting to college life is to find motivation to keep up with school work all on your own. “My goal is to be successful and show people that I can really work,” said former student of RLHS Brandon Sears, who currently attends Cleveland State University. “I’m the first of my family to go to college and I want to make them proud.” Whether it’s making family proud, proving to oneself, or just wanting to have a good future, reminding yourself of the reasons why you wanted to go to school in the first place can help you stay motivated.

The fourth and final tip for preparing for in college is to take time and really get to know your teachers and classmates in the first few weeks. “It really helps to know some people in the class just in case you miss a day or just confused,” Sears said. “Having a connection with the teacher can really help if you’re comfortable enough with being around them.”

The thought of having to start all over again is scary and some students are not ready for this experience. Using these tips and making sure you have a good support system may help. “The first few weeks will be difficult to get use to, but if you set your mind to it and try it, it will be a slice of cake,” Sears stated. It’s these small steps that can guide anyone to graduation if they are willing to take the chance. “I never saw myself actually wanting to go to college until I got here and made friends,” West said. “Now sometimes I never really want to go home.” Sometimes people never know what to expect, but they are ready for new adventures and beginnings and that is what college is for.

The long road through high school is coming to an end and now the path of college has opened. Stay focused and put in your 100 percent in everything that has to do with school this new chapter will be written in no time. Make friends and have a good time. Make a dream that has been on the mind FINALLY come true instead of leaving those thoughts behind. Leave a mark on the world Class of 2017. We got this.