How To Get Through A Hard Time

It is okay to seek help in others, that is why Round Lake High School has so many people available for advice or someone to talk too.

May 11, 2017


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This picture perfectly represents how an individual can overcome hard times and shine through the clouds

“She just wanted a nice retirement, but unfortunately she died before she got the chance,” Kaitlyn Mcwane, a sophomore at Round Lake High School said, as she remembered her grandmother. When Mcwane’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, Mcwane really struggled with the news. “ But even when faced with cancer, and it got the best of her, but my grandmother was a fighter, a badass one at that, ” Mcwane said.  

Sadly, Mcwane’s experience is extremely common. After all, everyone goes through hard times, and those who do not, are the luckiest. A hard time can be anything that cause an individual distress. Anything small or big can cause distress. When in a distressing situation, people tend to act out, push others away and isolate themselves. However, it’s important to remember that no matter the situation, there is always someone to talk to or somewhere to go. While friends may seem like the most comforting option, sometimes teenagers need to hear the time-tested advice of an adult. From counselors to social workers to psychologists, RLHS has a large, trustworthy staff that’s always there for anyone who is struggling with a distressing situation. There are also support groups and different activities for students in need.

According to Mrs. Amanda Smith, one of the counselors at RLHS, the counseling department is trying to make the school a better and more welcoming place to be. “We offer a couple groups for the students right now and we are trying to create more,” she said. “One of our more known groups would be the one for females who have made not-so-good decisions, [and are dealing with things like] pregnancy or substance abuse [so they can] speak out and find others like them to help them get through the difficult time in their life.” According to Smith, this group in completely confidential, and anything that is talked about is to remain within the group. But anyone can join if needed and anything can be discussed such as deaths or depression and suicidal thoughts to even self-harm,  and everyone is welcome. If you’re interested in attending a support group meeting, please see your counselor.

Even when a student connects to a support group, counselor, psychiatrist, or counselor, it is important to keep a positive mindset through difficult situations.  Having a positive mindset allows for clear and logical thinking when making big decisions. In addition, it allows a clear process of the situation that is going on.

“Even though her death was very traumatic for me, I took it as a learning experience rather than something so defeating,” said Mcwane. “And as I look back now, I think she’d be real proud of how I managed through her death. Frankly, I am proud of myself too.”

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