SENIORS: Graduation Information

These updates will help you be prepared for graduation day.

These updates will help you be prepared for graduation day.

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The moment is getting closer, and soon Round Lake High School’s seniors will take part in a ceremony to give a  final farewell to the four years of their high school experience. To the seniors, eager to graduate, or to the ones not ready to say goodbye, here is a rundown of important dates and happenings before the big day:

May 3: Cap & Gown Pick Up. Pick up will be on May 3. Keep in mind that orders will be released to the students that paid Jostens in full and have no billed-out fees. Jostens will accept cash payments on this day. Ms. Nancy Aldape will be available at this time to accept school payments.

Senior Checkout: Senior checkout will start the week before graduation. Students should be sure to fill out any final transcript requests. The senior final exam schedule will also be posted this week.

May 18: The day before graduation, senior class pictures will be taken at the football field, as well as graduation practice. Students must attend practice to be featured in the ceremony.

Lastly, here are the details on graduation itself: The ceremony will be on May 19, 2017 at 7 p.m. This will be the second time graduation will be on a Friday night. In the past years, graduation was on a weekend during the morning. Seniors have different views for the graduation date. Karla Reyes said,“I personally believe we should have it on a Saturday. I already know someone that’s calling off, but some family members cannot.” Hope Pham agreed with Reyes’s observation.“My parents work really early so it’s convenient for them to come in the afternoon, but for other parents it may not [be],” she said. On the other hand, seniors like Kassidy Chrzas and Bryan Gomez don’t see any problem with graduation occurring on a Friday. Ms. Sheri Schenk, the student service secretary said that last year’s graduation was on a Friday. Attendance was good and it was a successful event, so RLHS will continue the new tradition this year.

The ceremony will run between one and two hours long. There won’t be tickets given out this year because it will be held on the football field, as it has in years past. Friends and relatives are all welcome. Seniors are required to be at the new gym by 5 p.m. Parking is available until the lot is full, so please be sure to arrive early. Otherwise, there will be shuttle buses running to the ceremony from Magee Middle School, Ellis Elementary, and Murphy Elementary.

On graduation day, even though it seems simple to wear your cap and gown, a dress code is still required; therefore no jeans, shorts, gym shoes, or flip flops. Students should proudly reflect their community, family, and themselves, so dress appropriately. Turn off all cell phones because no distractions or interruptions should happen during the ceremony. Be in the moment, and take one last look of all the faces you grew up with.