Tips for a Healthy Mind

We’re in the final push of the semester, and it can get stressful. Here are some tips to balance all aspects of your life without feeling like you’re going to lose it.


Regular exercise can help with mental health.

Megan Lee, Staff Writer

School, work, being social, and staying healthy all seems very hard and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The Blaize interviewed Ms. Lauren Sullivan, health teacher and JV cheer coach, to get more information on striking that perfect balance between work, school, and your social life.

Figure out what’s important. “Make priorities and set goals,”  Sullivan said. “Setting goals will make you feel more accomplished.” Also, if you are trying to juggle work and school, free tiem becomes a very precious thing. “I cannot even say how many times I have walked into study halls and all the students are on their phones,” Sullivan said.  “Use these extra 45 minutes to either do homework, get ahead or relax so you won’t feel as crammed.”

Keep Active. The Mental Health Foundation, a Michigan-based organization dedicated to eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness and providing resources to for mental health awareness and education, suggests moving those muscles. Just a little bit of exercise can cut down on stress. Not sure how you can fit a workout in? Walk to or from school, or even to work, if you are able too.

Eat Well. Do not skip out on meals, Sullivan warns. Take advantage of your lunch breaks at school and eat something healthy like a sandwich or bag of carrots. If you do not like the food served then pack your own lunch.

Drink up. According to the Mental Health Foundation, dehydration is a major mood killer, can make you feel sleepy, and cause you to struggle to focus in class. Bring a bottle of water to school and try to fill it up at least four or five times throughout the day.

Don’t forget what you love. We all know it is overwhelming and hard, but take your days off as an opportunity to see your friends, or enjoy a little “me” time. Coloring, singing, or taking your dog for a walk are all great ways to unwind.

Get some sleep. When you get home from work try to eat, finish some homework and then sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you to feel foggy and disorganized. According to the Mental Health Foundation, if you go without an adequate amount of sleep for a long time, you can develop depression.

Finish your homework. Start a little when you get home from school, a little at night, and a little in the morning. If you realize you are running out of time in the morning, then find some morning hacks that work for you.

Everybody has their own way of maintaining a healthy, positive mental lifestyle, and some things that work for one person may not work for the next, but that doesn’t mean you should give up; it just means that you should keep trying. If you are feeling completely stressed, look at all the positives and look at ways to relieve some of the stress.