Are These Hacks Wack?


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Can gum help your memory? Can eggs give you more beautiful skin? “The Blaize” debunks some common life hacks.

Liliana, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that studying can get overwhelming, but does classical music really help you retain that information you cram into your brain? Acne is a never ending problem for many, along with weak hair and split ends, but how is someone supposed to strengthen their hair and clean their pores without going bankrupt? This “Blaize” staff member has rounded up five popular hacks to help you study and get great hair and skin. I will bravely try them out to let you know whether they are worth it or not.

Eye and Face Masks

         Face masks and treatments have been all the rave on social media, but most masks are very expensive, so many alternatives have been discovered. Many masks have been put out for cleaning of the pores, black and whitehead removal, under eye brightening, and hair strengthening. Most under eye masks average from $15 to $45, but for many, that price isn’t worth it. Using egg whites as a mask to brighten dark under eye circles is an often-suggested alternative. I tried using said mask for about three days, and unfortunately have seen no result. I have seen better results with using a little bit of makeup in the morning.

However, when using banana and honey as an alternative for rather expensive hair masks, I did see some positive results. Using a banana and honey hair mask is supposed to strengthen and give volume to your hair. I used the hair mask for a little under a week, and saw that my hair did indeed have some more strength, and it held better when straightening and curling.  As for volume, there was little to no volume given from the hair mask. When it comes to the under eye mask, you might want to invest in a good store-bought mask, rather than waste your eggs. But you might want to invest in some banana and honey, if you’re looking to strengthen your hair.


Everyone strives for that perfect-looking makeup. But what is a good way to achieve that flawless look? A Korean beauty trend has hit the States. After applying foundation and setting it with a loose or translucent powder, you’re supposed to dip your entire face into a bowl of room temperature water, and when you lift your face out of the water and let it air dry, you should have flawless looking face makeup. This sounds so ridiculous that everyone has a hard time believing it does any good. Nonetheless, I tried it and indeed ended with smooth, flawless makeup. I do have to say, the process to achieve that look was too complicated and took too much time.  If you experiment with new products, you will sooner or later find a combination of makeup that help you achieve that look in simpler way, that does not consume so much of our time.

Unless you want confused stares from the members of your household for using all the eggs and putting your face into a bowl of water and zero positive results, I suggest you leave the eggs and bowl of water alone. Although, you will still get weird looks for using banana and honey for a hair mask, but  you will get a positive result.


Studying has always been an issue. From the overwhelming feeling you get from having too much material to study to struggling to remember everything the next day, it  seems to be an endless circle of frustration and long nights. A well-known study hack is to listen to classical music. People say that classical music will keep you relaxed and help you to remember information better. But does that actually work? I studied two nights while listening to classical music and have to say, that while I did still become frustrated, it took a longer time for me to feel that way.

Another popular hack is to chew gum while you study and then chew the same flavor of gum while you’re taking the test. I chewed mint flavored gum while studying for an upcoming math test. While I have yet to see the results of the test, it did go a lot smoother than most of my math tests.