2017 Prom Theme: A Total Bust


Adriana Rodriguez-Ruiz

One of the major complaints about the new prom theme is that it’s not a theme at all; it is merely a description of the location and time the dance takes place.

The Round Lake High School 2017 prom theme has unexpectedly been changed against everyone’s wishes only two months before prom is set to go on. “A Night in Chicago” is the new theme that administrators have decided upon, despite the student body’s vote for a beautiful “Yule Ball.” The theme has changed much of what the student body imagined prom to be, as well as what I imagined my first, and only, prom to be. 

I am the stereotypical girl that has looked forward to my prom my whole senior year and was very excited when my vote for Yule Ball went towards the winning theme. Yule Ball, inspired by the “Harry Potter” movies, is a snowy theme that emphasizes pretty white lights and icicles that would have looked beautiful, but “administration said it did not make sense, and that A Night in Chicago was more appropriate for the setting,” student council president Jocelyn Perez said.  But in my opinion, A Night in Chicago also doesn’t make sense. Seeing as prom is located in Chicago, at night time, it makes the theme a bit cliche. I believe the prom theme is very basic and completely boring for what I imagined my senior prom theme to be. Prom themes are supposed to be big and dramatic and something everyone is in love with, but I have heard nothing but opposition to the new theme that was selected.

I believe there are ways to compromise the ongoing battle between what the students want and what the administrators say must be done. The administrators could offer new, exciting themes that they deem fit and then the students would get to re-vote for a new one. I think it is unfair that we as students voted for what we wanted and even though it was deemed unfit, we weren’t offered a chance to even talk about a solution. We were just told what it would be. I would be okay with voting for a new theme, but I am not okay with being told that the theme of the prom I’ve been waiting for is something that no one wants. Many other prom themes are simple yet elegant that would fit the night wonderfully rather than making the theme literally what the night is. Honestly, I can have a night in Chicago any night I would like to go down to the city.