“Bad and Boujee”: Shifting the Hip-Hop Culture



“Culture” album cover

Leo Garcia, Staff Writer

In this era of hip hop, rappers focus less on lyrics and more on the production of the song. Rappers tend to make songs with trap beats which include heavy bass. This type of production is perfect for music that anyone can play at house parties or just to chill. This type of music grabs the attention of young adults due to the simple lyrics that are easy to remember. The start of the new year means a new form of music. Migos started off the year with a new wave of music. They shifted the whole rap culture, so perhaps it’s fitting that their latest release is titled, “Culture.”

“Culture” is a studio album by hip hop group Migos from Atlanta. Released Jan. 27, “Culture” was an album full of catchy hooks, and most importantly, full of feel-good music.

The group, composed of three rappers, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset, have created a new wave of music that many other rappers are hopping on. Leading up to the album, Migos released many huge singles, including the stand out single, “Bad and Boujee” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, a new rapper with a similar flow as Migos. Migos isn’t a lyrical group, so the album doesn’t have meaningful lyrics, but it does bring out positive, hype vibes.

There are 13 songs on the album, two songs shorter than their debut album, “Yung Rich Nation.” Some artists that are featured on the album are: DJ Khaled, Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and Travis Scott. There isn’t a specific story told throughout the album, but every song has a different purpose on developing the album through the end. The first song, “Culture,” was a suitable intro song with a very catchy hook. Migos reference how they have come up and changed the whole rap game. The second song “T-Shirt” was a very interesting song overall. All three rappers kept the same flow throughout the song while explaining the advice their moms gave them when they started in the music industry. The third song on the album, “Call Casting,” was the second single released off the album. With this song however, it felt like there were more adlibs rather than actual lyrics. Migos add their famous “brrr,” “skrt, skrt” and “dab” on this song and give the song the Migos sauce. Some other songs that really stood out on the album were “What The Price” and “Kelly Price,” featuring Travis Scott. These tracks really stood out because the instrumentals were different from all the other songs. “What The Price” sampled an electrical guitar at the beginning of the song, which made it seem like it was going to be an emotional song. The song actually portrayed how much money Migos now has and they can pay for basically anything they want. Personally my favorite song on the album was “Kelly Price,” which gave a feeling of suspense as if aliens were about to land on earth. Travis Scott transitioned into the song perfectly and his use of autotune really made the song a masterpiece.

Listening through it various times, the album as a whole just brings out a positive vibe. It’s not meant for people to decipher the lyrics. Migos released it so that people can play their album at parties. With this second album, Migos show their improvement in production aspects. Many themes are also present in the album. The basic themes of getting money, fame and cars are portrayed through the catchy lyrics and flow perfectly with the beats. Migos wanted to prove why the are sometimes referred to as “The Beatles” of modern day hip hop.