Waking Up On The Right Foot: Morning Motivation

Here’s some morning motivation to help students and teachers succeed with their everyday lives.


John Brown

A positive image, but not an image we all see sometimes. Envisioning nature’s best can truly motivate one. Picture taken outside of Phoenix, Arizona in December 2016.

John Brown, Lifestyle and Sports Writer

You wake up on a beautiful sunny day and see bright blue skies and the sunshine. Then you realize that it’s Friday! That is enough motivation to get out of bed and go to school! But let’s be real, we all don’t have that Friday feeling in us daily. We typically do not spring out of bed and get excited for the day; it is more of an Ugh, why? No! type of morning most days of the week.

    Morning motivation is a constant struggle for some. According to the “Harvard Business Review,”a biologist named Christoph Randler surveyed 367 university students and asked what time of day they were most energetic and how willing and able they were to take action to change a situation to their advantage. Randler found that the most motivated subjects were all morning people who reported they felt the most energetic and in charge early in the day.  

Obviously there are huge benefits to being a motivated morning person. But if the idea of creeping out of those covers makes a small part of you want to cry, what do you do? Here are quick tips and tricks from some of those morning people.

   Planning Ahead. Planning ahead can help a student’s day drastically. It can prevent less stress. It will lead to more organization skills through time. “I usually go to bed at 9 p.m,” said Mrs. Allison Dietrich, French teacher at Round Lake High School. “I usually listen to the news or an audiobook, stretch, and pick out my clothes for the next day so I am more organized.” Planning ahead is crucial for students to succeed in school and in their personal lives.     

Make the morning special. Waking up is tough for most students and teachers, but simple changes in a morning routine can get you on track. Try to find ways to make the morning time more enjoyable.  “I look at inspiring quotes every morning to get me motivated for the day and school,” said Alexandra Kolacz, a sophomore at RLHS.

“I usually like to make my favorite breakfast, which would be scrambled eggs or a smoothie,” said Dietrich.

Of course, spending your morning reading or making breakfast probably means your alarm clock will be going off a little earlier. But both Dietrich and Kolacz agree that rising earlier makes it easier to shine. “Small tasks can motivate you and make you feel more motivated,” Kolacz said. Plus breakfast and inspirational quotes can help boost your energy levels and motivation to keep you going all day.

Find something to look forward to. Envisioning a fun activity after school can get one highly motivated for the day. “I would look forward to doing something fun with my friends or family or enjoy the nature by going on a run or doing yoga,” said Dietrich as she reflected on what she would do if she were in high school. Even going to a restaurant or hangout place later on in the day can be motivating enough for a student to get up for the day. As Steve Jobs once said, “Everything is important–that success is in the details.” Plan something fun or adventurous! Kolacz agreed with Dietrich’s advice. “Plan something exciting/fun for after school,” she said.

   Morning motivation is something we all struggle with at times, but with just a bit of positive and cheerful advice and quotes; your day can be changed in an instant. Follow these tips and tricks to a successful school, business, and personal life.