Round Lake Winter Guard Takes First Competition By Storm


Ashley Schenk

Competition season is nothing but unimaginable for the performers on winter guard, and they hope to continue the success that was brought to them at their first competition throughout the rest of their season.

The Round Lake Winter Guard varsity and junior varsity teams competed at Cedarburg High School in Wisconsin Feb. 4. The varsity team took home first place, with a score of 57.71, and the junior varsity team took home fourth place, with a score of 52.29.

The Varsity team started off its season with a bang as they took home a first place trophy at their first competition of the season. “It set the the pace for the rest of the season,” Senior and team co-captain, Kristal Angeles said. “It’s exciting to see what the judges thought of our shows, and we are going to work even harder to keep those first places coming.” The team is thrilled about its first success and looks towards only improving what they already have. “It makes me feel even more eager for the rest of our season” Senior and team co-captain, Julia Rodkey said. There are six competitions for the varsity team this year and so their capabilities must be proven within those times. “Our next competition is this weekend, Feb. 12, and we are capable of going in more confident than ever,” Rodkey said.

The judges scored the varsity team a 57.71 out of 100, a higher score for the first competition of the season. The guard team is judged by five people: an equipment judge, a movement judge, a design judge, and two different general effect judges. The varsity team had the highest scores in 4 out of these 5 categories. “I thought the program had great appeal, and excellent musicality,” Judge Marie Czapinski said. “The achievement of the performers at the first show is just wow – it’s a great show.” The team received judges’ tapes that are recorded throughout the duration of their performance and for the first competition of the season the judges had many good things to say.

The junior varsity guard team competed for the first time in history at Cedarburg. Fourth place was a significant achievement for a team that has never gone in front of judges before. “Placing fourth and scoring higher than other varsity teams was a surreal feeling,” Sophomore and co-team captain Cathrina Angeles said. “It’s a great start for a JV team that has never competed and I’m excited to see where the rest of the season takes us.” The team is ready to learn more about what it’s like to compete and see how far only their first season can take them, but they’re also just excited to be experiencing the competition atmosphere. “The teams are very encouraging to each other and all the teams act like a family,” said Sophomore and co-team captain Hannah Gazdzicki. “It’s shown by anything from wishing good luck to helping another team set up.The rest of the year is going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of the team being pushed to their full potential.”  The team is ready to put in work at the three competitions they compete in this year and continue making minor improvements to their shows depending on the feedback they get from the judges.

Both varsity and junior varsity had a tremendous first competition that set them up for all roads ahead of them. Varsity competes in a total of six competitions, and juniors varsity competes in three. Both teams are ecstatic over the results of their first competition and look forward to a thrilling season ahead of them.