The USA Effect

The United States towers over many countries and affects them in various ways.

The United States towers over many countries and affects them in various ways.

Like a row of dominoes, the United States has a tendency to determine what the entire world goes through. Because it is a booming and industrial country, the United States has the power to affect other countries, whether it involves topics like trade or immigration. Consequently, the decisions made by the U.S. can end with the world in a wreckage or with prosperous futures. Cities from London to Quebec and people from Mexicans to Muslims have felt the social and economic effect of the United States, but this time it has been more negative than ever and while fear is prominent, so is rebellion, as the world isn’t just going to sit back and watch the everyone fall to injustice again.

Barely a month into Donald Trump’s four-year term, public reaction, executive orders, and Tweets galore have resonated with the rest of the world. The Women’s March took place the day after his inauguration and occurred not only in the U.S., but in various places in Europe and Latin America as well. Roughly a week after his inauguration, President Trump signed an executive order that excluded citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from traveling to the U.S., which resulted in protests all over the country and even in England. On Jan. 29, Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire on a mosque in Quebec, creating further tension between Christians and Muslims. And all the while, Mexico has been dealing with the loss of billion-dollar business deals as its relationship with the U.S. continues to go downhill.

With 5,941 miles of border in between, it’s no surprise that Mexico and Canada have been most affected by Trump’s presidency. Even before his inauguration, Trump has been making obscene comments about Mexico, Mexican citizens, and Mexican immigrants, which has created a storm of emotions in Mexico. People have been speaking out against their own president, Enrique Peña Nieto, and have been extremely vocal about the threats from the new American president. Also, from an economic standpoint, Mexico will soon suffer through the deal was made with Ford Motors; suggesting that they remain in the U.S. instead of building a factory in Mexico as they had planned to. “I think the threats that are being made are quite silly, especially those made to Mexico,” said Giselle Gomez, a junior at Round Lake High School.  “Since we’re so close to each other we should be allies not fighting against each other and isolating one another.” Likewise, disaster had struck in the north when there was a report of a hate crime in Quebec, Canada. The offender who has been referred to as an “extremist” killed six people in front of the mosque in Quebec City, all after the executive order of the travel ban.

In the UK and Europe there hasn’t been much of a threat, but the people, who are becoming more and more informed, are still teaming up to let Americans and the American government know that they will not remain silent. Many protests have been sprouting up from London to Paris and from Berlin to Sydney, all uniting people to stand up against the looming American power. The protests range from Anti-Trump protests to Travel Ban protests, and there are even some that band together to support certain American ideals like those expressed in the Women’s March. The world knows the consequences of staying in silence because they’ve seen it all before, so remaining informed is essential in today’s society, as shown by many people around the world. “It’s really important that people outside of the United States know what’s going on because we need each other and we need help to make a point about how unjust things are right now,” said RLHS Senior Melissa Hernandez.

The United States has a massive impact that not only affects the American people, but people all over the globe as well. As they are watching the screens and reading the headlines, they see the pushing of the United States, but their stance is strong. Placing their hands over the last standing domino, they are shielding the world from tumbling over after America.