Maybelline’s and Covergirl’s first ever male makeup artists, Manny Gutierrez and James Charles

A change in the beauty industry

Covergirl and Maybelline making a change in the beauty industry by including male makeup artist.

February 17, 2017

For the past several years, Covergirl and Maybelline have featured only women as the face of their beauty industry. James Charles, who is only 17 years old, became the new face of Covergirl and first ever Coverboy in October when he announced the big news on his Instagram account. Maybelline also featured a new face to their industry, Manny Gutierrez, who at 25 years old, announced he was the first ever male makeup artist to be featured by a big beauty company on his Instagram account in the beginning of January. Hopefully both male models are an indicator that society is becoming more open minded.

James Charles is the first ever male makeup artist to be featured as a Covergirl model. Charles was a hairstylist in in his hometown Bethlehem, N.Y. and was starting to feel bored doing the same hairstyles for people. The way Covergirl discovered him is a unique way; he was upset with his high school senior pictures, so he re-scheduled a session and brought in his own ring lights for better lighting. His senior picture went viral on Twitter and Covergirl reached out to him. Since then, Covergirl made Charles the face of their “So Lashy” Blastpro Waterproof Mascara. Reaching out to a male model for their mascara line proves how open the company is. Charles, who did an interview with online lifestyle magazine Bustle, said, “CoverGirl is such an iconic brand, and they’ve been pushing for diversity for as long as they’ve started. And now that they’re taking this huge step forward and including boys, I think it is so cool. Their push for gender inclusivity just shows that makeup is for anyone who wants to wear it.”

Following Covergirl’s footsteps, Maybelline has also included a male makeup artist as a spokesperson for its products. Manny Gutierrez, or as many know him as Manny MUA on his Youtube channel, is the first male spokesperson for Maybelline. Gutierrez stars in two videos on Maybelline’s Instagram account with a female makeup model, Shayla Mitchell. They both get glammed up by applying Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara. Gutierrez, who did an interview with PopSugar another online lifestyle magazine said, “Honestly, it just feels amazing, and I love feeling that culture is represented, especially as a male and a Latino in the beauty world — that is such an unheard-of thing. So I feel like it’s a huge honor to be included in such a high-profile group of lovely ladies who are also Latina.”

Round Lake High School Senior Tanya Terán  was surprised when she found out Maybelline included Manny MUA because she’s been familiar with his makeup tutorials on his YouTube channel. “I feel like it goes against social norms [and] not a lot of people would expect a big company like that to do that,” Teran said. “I feel like it helped break gender roles too because no one said only girls can wear makeup or that only girls can be makeup models.” One can only hope that this new milestone for Maybelline continues.

In the long run, many makeup brands will start including male makeup artist like Covergirl and Maybelline. Our society is accepting the fact that there has to be a change in the beauty industry and it is becoming more progressive and getting rid of all of the social norms.

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