Getting More Politically Active

Megan Lee, News

With everything going on today with politics, you might wonder how you can make a change. Mrs. Madalyn Silver, teacher of Law, America Honors and World History and Mr. Doug Moss, teacher of World History, AP History, and coach of the Round Lake Middle School  girls’ eighth grade basketball, offer up their opinions on why it is important to be a political activist, no matter what side you’re on. A political activist is involved with world issues and will often promote and create awareness for those issues. Political activism typically involves engagement beyond just voting, whether it be through protests, demonstrations or lectures.

“It is important to be an activist to be able to change and improve society” Silver said. “It is also good to start sooner if you would like to have a future in politics. Ways that you can be a political activist is to join an interest group, donate to a cause, volunteer in a political campaign, and go to political events. Students should get informed by different classes, and for students interested, I strongly advise they take the Law and America class to start them off.”

Being informed is very important while becoming an activist. Moss advises all people to get properly informed before doing anything. Many people believe what they see on the television and social media; however,  they don’t know what is really going on. Some ways to be properly informed are watching live political debates on television, coming up with questions for other politically-involved people, and reading articles from neutral, unbiased news sources. “Many people believe what they see and then it spreads,” Moss said.

A good way to become an activist is first, to vote and get informed on exactly what you are voting for. Being an activist doesn’t mean you have to riot, or even protest. Simply sharing what you believe in is a start of being an activist. Both Moss and Silver agree that there is no age limit on when people become an activist. “People start becoming interested in things at different points in their lives,” Silver said.  

“Many students become more aware of things going around their high school years,” Moss said.  

If you wish to be more informed so you can become more politically active, be sure to talk to your history teacher. Pick a political issue that is most important to you, be it immigration, constitutional rights, environmental well being, or women’s  rights, and go to the public library to do more research.