Drawbacks and Benefits to being Injured during the basketball Season


From Pixabay

Kevon Elzey, Staff Writer

 An injured basketball player sits on the bench as he watches his team play. As the game progresses, he becomes more and more sorrowful, wishing that he could be on the court playing with his teammates. The injury did not only affect the player physically but mentally. Each day the season would pass by and he would become more and more discouraged, thinking that he would never play basketball again. Although the injury took away the rest of his season, he stayed optimistic and prepared for the next upcoming season.


Injuries can have many affects on basketball players. Some basketball players can become depressed and think to never play again, and others use it as positive reinforcement. Almost every basketball player has experienced some form of an injury before and has had to overcome it in order to play again. The effects of injuries on a player can vary on how the player deals with it throughout the season. Although there are many drawbacks to being injured, there are many benefits as well.


   Round Lake High School sophomore basketball coach, John Nicoline has experienced seeing injured players before. He has seen how injured players do not only affect the player but the team as well. “Missing a player can affect other players’ performance,” Nicoline said. “ For example, maybe the player injured was our best defender and during practice our offense is not being challenged the way that it should be challenged,” Although injured players affect the team, Nicoline does have a concern for his players. “I think for me as a coach, what is toughest, is after the injury. When the player comes back saying they are fine, I fear that I will pressure them in too quickly or push them too hard right away”. Nicoline said. “ As a coach I need to be sure that the player is in fact 100%.” The time in which it takes for a player to heal from an injury all depends on the degree of the injury.


   Varsity basketball player and sophomore at Round Lake High School, Marco Barcenas has experience with being injured during the season and had to go through many things before he could start playing again. “I broke my nose and my injury was a solid month,” Barcenas said. “ Two weeks for the first surgery, another pair for second.”  He would have never thought that he would have to sit out for a month with his injury. “ You dedicate so much time to practices and games, then it all goes down the drain once you get hurt,” Barcenas said. There were times where it was very difficult for him to decide if he was ready to play or not. “ I was well aware I wanted to play and help the team win, but in the back of my head I knew my health was also important,” Barcenas said. Although he was injured, there was a benefit for that injury. “ My time off with the injury sort of forced me to look at the game with a different perspective,” Barcenas said. “ You look at it differently as a player and a spectator and as soon as I returned the game felt a little slower, more under control.” Even when being injured a player can learn a thing or two by watching the game instead of being in it. 

    Watching basketball is much different from being on the court, playing the game. Not being able to play and having to sit on the bench is not a great feeling. It makes players feel that are useless to the team and that they are not contributing. Although that may be true, there are also benefits from this such as seeing the game from a different perspective. While watching a player learns that basketball is not only a physical task but a mental task as well. They become more aware of the things that go on within the game and use that learning experience for the next season.