Love for “La La Land”

“La La Land” takes place in Los Angeles; the city of angels. Where the sunsets sing songs of stardom and the stars dance and twinkle.

Art is everywhere, but it never means to get in anyone’s way. Art is written in paint on the streets and hung up with pride on walls. No matter where it is found, who it was made by, or how it was made. It never demands; it only asks for appreciation.

The movie “La La Land”, directed by Damien Chazelle, does just that. Released on Dec. 19, 2016, “La La Land” is a sweet musical that explores the beauty of art with a primary focus on music and acting. The plot seemed familiar; just two kids struggling to make their dreams come true, but what makes it extraordinary is the cinematography. Set in the heart of Los Angeles makes it easy to find stunning scenery and locations which surround the arts, consequently, the scenes turned out to be as pretty as Instagrammed cotton candy and as dreamy as a golden sunset.

The film follows young barista and aspiring actress, Mia (Emma Stone), and passionate jazz pianist, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) in their journeys to making their dreams come true. The film starts with an odd but fun musical number in the middle of LA traffic where Mia and Sebastian meet, driven by road rage. The two keep meeting until Mia leaves her stuck-up boyfriend for Sebastian and experiences the thrill of being free to chase her dreams with someone who understands. They struggle to make their dreams come true as Mia is rejected again and again by casting agents, while Sebastian desperately tries to keep jazz music alive in the modern age. They struggle with themselves, with their relationship, and with the incredibly fast-paced and competitive atmosphere of Los Angeles; it is only through each other, however, that they can achieve their dreams and be happy.

Ultimately, they are in Los Angeles to make their dreams come true, but they have been struggling to do so. With each other’s help, they encourage each other to do what they want without any remorse or fear of failing.

All of this, along with the stunning imagery, lively musical numbers, and occasional comedy, grants the film five out of five stars. After watching the movie, there is no confusion as to why it has gained so much prestige and hype in Hollywood because it is an inspiring movie about never letting go of one’s dreams, no matter the consequences.

As someone who loves all forms of art, I really appreciated “La La Land”. Creativity seeped out of the screen in bright pinks and deep purple hues giving the movie a happy feeling despite the outcome. People dance to music on the street, walls hold paintings spanning from the floor to the ceiling, and the audience experiences a dreamy journey to the stars.