Game, Set, and Match 2017

The Round Lake High School boys’ tennis team is about to kick off their season in great style!


Photo by Bogdan Glisik from Pexels

Tennis season has begun at RLHS!

John Brown, Sports Writer

The Round Lake High School boys’ tennis team is about to kick off the season, and the whacks of tennis balls coming from rackets bring the whole competitive season to life. The green marks, rackets smashing, broken strings, winning games and memories of beating competitors 7-0 last year, brings the excitement of Round Lake’s 2017 season to all of the players. The triumphant cheering and nodding will have an undoubtedly reminder of what the game of tennis looks like to players. 

The Round Lake High School boys’ tennis team had a stupendous 7-5 record last year and had its first state qualifier since 1992. The tennis team is coached by Atom Davis, who looks to perfect the record this year with new players and better tactics to win. Although many seniors left, the varsity team is welcoming many junior varsity players to advance the team’s winning streak.

The boys’ team looks to strive for more progress ahead in the new season. “I would love to have a winning record two years in a row,” said Davis, who also teaches health and  driver education. “This would be a great accomplishment for our team. I am hoping for a 500 season.”

Davis anticipates a winning season for the team even though losing some key players from last season due to graduation. Players are hopeful too. “I think we have the potential to improve our records but only with hard work and dedication,” Sophomore and former junior varsity player Daniel Guzman said. “I’m actually really excited for this upcoming season because it gives me a chance to play with all my friends again and will get me out of the house as well.”

New players will be arriving to change the team’s lineup. “I think we have a chance to beat our rivals with the new kids coming in; all they have to do is just work hard and not slack off, ” Guzman said. “I anticipate that the boys team will have several new players this year,” Davis said. “Often times a winning program attracts a new pool of players. First and foremost, I will look to senior leadership to make this team better and more efficient. I have to start off with our state qualifier Ruben Ortiz from last year. I am hoping that his experience from last year will instill a passion within him about the sport of tennis.”  Davis is also looking forward to leadership from Senior Samuel Rodriguez. Davis is excited to welcome the new additions to the varsity squad which includes Daniel Guzman, Rodrigo Villa, and Salvador Vargas.

Beating many of the team’s opponents last year, Round Lake has a tough conference and state section ahead of them this year. “The rival that comes to mind is the 5-2 victory against Lakes High School,” said Davis “This was an incredibly satisfying win for the entire team.”Other successes include Grant, Mundelein, North Chicago, and Johnsburg. Davis and the whole team look to duplicate the wins for this upcoming season.

In August 2016, the new Northern Lake County Conference was formed uniting together Antioch, Grant, Grayslake Central, Grayslake North, Lakes, North Chicago, Round Lake, and Wauconda. These schools are all rivals to Round Lake and look to bring the competitiveness back for the 2017 season.

The tennis team hopes to kick off the season in style and with a great start. The first game will be on March 21 at Zion-Benton High School. “I absolutely expect an improvement from every player that was on the team last year,” Davis said. “All players have many areas that they can improve on. We will work diligently as a tennis team to work on those skills.” Many improvements are needed from last season, and the coach hopes to overcome those obstacles. The eminent team looks for greater strides and wins this year one tennis ball and one swing at a time.