Political Opinions Divide the Nation

Political Opinions Divide the Nation

Ryan DeBerardinis

Mya Figueroa, Staff Writer

Nowadays, people are more inclined to express their opinions; especially with Donald Trump as the new president. While giving opinions is important, if there is anything that America has learned from the presidential election, it’s that giving a political opinion can come with consequences. The question is, how far is too far when giving a political opinion?

Political Opinions. We’ve all got them. Some people thrive on making their political stances known while others are too afraid to even speak their opinions. Political opinions are formed through political socialization, the process of  how people develop or are taught their political beliefs and values. Main factors that are present in political socialization are family, education, and religion. Due to the diverse factors that take place in forming opinions, it’s no wonder why people tend to have opposing views when it comes to politics.  However, there is a fine line between having opposing political views and imposing your views on someone else.

It’s no secret the students of Round Lake High School are very expressive people, yet, being expressive also comes with being mindful of others.  If you plan to express your opinion  you should be mindful of others and make sure to express your opinion in a way that is appropriate, something many people tend to forget these days. “It should be appropriate to voice your opinion whenever,” senior, Derwin Ferrer said. “How your opinion is expressed is what should be monitored.” Ferrer believes that having an opinion is not an issue, but rather not knowing when to be smart enough to voice a belief. “I get that people love to be right, but when people get dramatically loud about their views on politics, it diminishes their argument and just makes them seem ignorant.”

Giving an opinion can be helpful because it allows for others to gain insight to a side of politics that they might never have considered. Unfortunately, people get so wound up in having their opinion heard that they don’t realize the boundaries they are crossing.  These boundaries may include stating something that can harm someone personally or attacking someone relentlessly with words until their opinion falls into submission of your own.  “There is a limit when voicing a political opinion,” explains sophomore, John Brown. “The breaking point is when an argument erupts that hurts other people’s feelings.”  The present day America has become a place of hypocrisy. We boast about how we have the freedom to express our opinions but when someone else tries to speak their mind we shoot them down.  

If you find yourself in a heated argument with a friend because they don’t share your belief, it’s best to take a step back and shape the situation in a way that keeps matter professional. If you know that you have a bad temper when someone doesn’t agree with your opinion then don’t state your opinion in an abrupt manner in the first place. Wait till the appropriate moment to express yourself. Don’t just blurt out an opinion without any context. When you do this, it appears you are attacking someone else’s opinion before they even get a chance to fight back/state their own. In stating your own opinion, you automatically open the gateway for someone to also state their own perspective.  “It would be best to just let the person believe what they want, not attacking them for it, and be respectful about it,” said Senior, Giselle Gil.  “That is why it’s called an opinion, and not a fact, so basically there is no correct answer, and no reason to be upset.”  If you tend to get upset when talking about politics, you shouldn’t bring the topic of politics up. After all, there is no way to tell which opinion is an actual fact so arguing is pointless.

While it may seem weird to not fight back when someone’s opinion opposes yours, in  staying calm you end up being the bigger person in situations where people don’t see eye to eye. If it seems you can’t get through to a person without them getting offended, let them be. There’s no point in arguing with ignorance. *Cough* Trump *Cough*.