Round Lake: A Perspective

Round Lake: A Perspective

Maddy Oliver, Staff Writer

For 17 years, I have grown to love everything about my town, whether it’s the burning cold winters, where it feels like the tip of my nose might fall off, or the smell of summer barbecues and burning wood at night. I even love the sound of bustling traffic up and down Rollins Road during rush hour, and the sound of freight trains rushing through the tracks at midnight. Round Lake has taught me so much about myself, and has impacted my whole family at some point.

At Round Lake High School, students have been given the chance to reflect on what our town means to us personally through the What Round Lake Means to Me Challenge. In this contest, students are welcome to share why they love their hometown. Students can write songs, poems, or create an art piece. The winner of the contest gets bragging rights (of course!) and $500. 

 “This contest allows those students an avenue in which to share their pride, broadcast their talents, and win some money,” said Kristin Lilla, who teaches English at RLHS and is one of Panther Crew’s sponsors. “RLHS is such a diverse community, so there are so many ways people can express their pride for our town and school.” Lilla herself has a deep, personal connection to Round Lake; she started teaching at RLHS at 22 and has grown as a person from the experience. “When I think of Round Lake, I don’t see other people’s opinions, I see the mirage of beautiful souls who have taught me to love my job every day,” she says, which is one perspective that she has about Round Lake and wishes that others would share. Lilla hopes that this contest will let students “reflect on the importance of the place we call home” and let the Panther Pride run a little deeper in their blood.

If you would like to share how you feel about Round Lake, you can enter by expressing how you feel through song, poem, drawing (anything really!) and send it into Mrs. Lilla by January 27th. To email admissions or ask questions, you can reach Mrs. Lilla at [email protected]