• Walking Out for a Cause

    Walking Out for a Cause

    Jenifer Morales

    March 19, 2018

    Last month, 17 lives were lost in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla. Nineteen-year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire on his school with AR-15 style weapon. After this terrifying tragedy, students from all over the country started gathering together to protest for school safet...

    Many students gathered around to protest for school safety and gun control on a cold windy Wednesday morning at Round Lake High School.

  • What Happened to Syria?

    What Happened to Syria?

    March 18, 2018

    Even though the public mostly forgets it, the situation in Syria with ISIS  is still going on but is improving in some aspects. The bombing of Syria and an ISIS caliphate—a society/nation based on and ruled by a (usually radical) Islam leader— were a hot button issue in past years. However, over time co...

    What now? Many people have lost interest in the Syria debacle and yet it still continues to this day. Bomb strikes and militant combat still plague the coutry

    Abd Doumany

  •   Know Better, Do Better

      Know Better, Do Better

    Megan Smith

    March 1, 2018

    Larry Nassar, a former doctor for the USA Olympics national team and osteopathic physician at Michigan State University, has been on trial for  sexually abusing 265 girls and also for child pornography . His victims are spread all across the country, not just in his state of Michigan. Many people had re...

    Nassar with his lawyers at one of the court dates.

    Robert Killips

  • It’s A Wrap! RLHS’s Cheerleading Season Recap!

    It’s A Wrap! RLHS’s Cheerleading Season Recap!

    February 23, 2018

    The varsity cheerleading team made sure to stay optimistic for the 2017-18 season at RLHS as they were hopeful that this would be their year. The team was determined to have a great season with big goals for each other and the team overall, and in the end, had the best possible outcome. This year,...

    The RLHS's pose for a picture at the Niles West Sectionals on Jan. 27, 2018.

    Annette Negrete

  • Trump’s Proposal on Citizenship

    Trump’s Proposal on Citizenship

    Gretchen Baez

    February 8, 2018

    It hasn't always been the easiest process for immigrants to gain citizenship in the United States, but after President Donald Trump took office, pathway for citizenship became even more challenging. President Trump began his presidency with a focus that has already affected many families by increasing bar...

    Immigrants’ future hang in the balance as congress debates, pathway to citizenship.

    Nitish Meena

  • Behind The Hashtag

    Behind The Hashtag

    Daniela Zavala

    February 2, 2018

    Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Meanwhile, only 6 out of 1,000  perpetrators will end up in prison, according to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. (RAINN). That's a devastating statistic, so it's no wonder that in recent news, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement have been...

    17,700,000 women have reported a sexual assault since 1998 according to metoomvmt.org

  • YouTube “Stars”

    YouTube “Stars”

    Jenifer Morales

    February 2, 2018

    Throughout the years, entertainment has changed dramatically with YouTube, which allows users to watch whatever videos they want whenever they want.  The introduction of YouTube also opens doors for fame seekers, as it gives many people a platform to perform. Some people believe that YouTubers shouldn...

    Many videos are posted everyday, but some videos shouldn't be allowed on the Internet.

    Olly Lennard

  • TPS Revoked For Thousands Of Salvadorans

    TPS Revoked For Thousands Of Salvadorans

    Jose Guzman, Staff Writer

    February 1, 2018

    As of recently, TPS has been ended for Salvadorans, putting over 200,000 people in danger of deportation. TPS, meaning Temporary Protected Status, is given to victims of natural disasters, allowing them to live and work legally in the U.S. Over 200,000 Salvadorans were granted temporary protection...

    The decision to remove protected status will affect both migrants and the industries they work in. The construction industry is slated to be the most affected.

    Daniel Lobo

  • Pardoned Sheriff Announces Senate Run

    Pardoned Sheriff Announces Senate Run

    John Brown, Staff Writer

    February 1, 2018

    Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff  known for his harsh immigration views is making a run for the US Senate. Arpaio said his conviction was a “political witch hunt by holdovers in the Obama Justice Department.”  But with Arpaio’s convictions and biases towards immigrants, ...

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned by President Donald J. Trump. Arpaio is now making a Senate run in the State of Arizona. Arpaio had previous charges of criminal contempt for wrongfully imprisoning people.


  • Get Seen!

    Get Seen!

    November 9, 2017

    Students in Round Lake High School's journalism production class are trying new things this year. In addition to the online publication, which comes out monthly, the staff will be rolling out a print magazine in December. There are various ways students can have their voices heard and their talents showcased....

    For your reading pleasure, The Blaize will be rolling out a print magazine in December. Please contribute any artwork, S/Os, or inspirational quotes.


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